The most common embarrassing parenting moments revealed

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How did your child embarrass you today?

New research has revealed parents will endure an amazing 576 embarrassing moments during their child’s school years. Get excited. We reveal some of the most common embarrassing moments all parents know too well.

Parenting is all about learning to laugh at yourself. Breast milk stained t-shirts, number threes in public and toddler tantrums are some of the gems parents with little ones can expect. And, according to a recent US survey of 2,000 parents, the embarrassing moments don’t end when the kids start school. In fact, they get worse!

Parents with school kids can expect to be left red-faced in public around once a week for the 12 years the kids are in school. So what tops the list as some of the most embarrassing moments?


Repeating a swear word or mispronouncing a word to accidentally make it rude.

Followed closely by, “Sorry, he meant to say ‘truck.'”

Staring at strangers or commenting on a person’s size, age, weight or appearance.

“Mummy why does that person’s face look so wrinkly?”

Tantruming or running away in public.

“I wonder whose child is running around the shops half naked and screaming at the top of his lungs… certainly not mine.”

Asking where babies come from or about ‘private parts’ in front of friends and strangers.

There’s a time and a place for the birds and the bees talk. And, more often than not, that time and place is not at your work’s family fun day.

Pointing out mum or dad’s grey hair.

“It’s called the salt and pepper look. It’s the latest trend, okay.”

Leaving for school looking dishevelled or simply ridiculous.

The embarrassment wears off after a few weeks of your child arriving at school with his pants inside out. As long as he’s wearing pants, we’re good to go.

Weeing in inappropriate places.

In the corner of the neighbour’s lawn. In the corner of the parking lot. In the corner of David Jones.

Telling a teacher about a private family issue.

“This weekend I went to the park and watched Mummy bleach her facial hair.”

Answering the home telephone but not saying anything or accidentally dialling someone.

Add another tick to your list if they have ever accidentally dialled Triple Zero or your boss.

Smashing an item in a shop.

“Yes, I would like to purchase all 267 pieces of that lamp.”

Asking a stranger what they are doing.

Curiosity can often lead to cringe-worthy moments.

Opening a changing room curtain when a stranger is getting dressed inside.

Who doesn’t love an audience while changing?

Shouting out when they spot someone they know and the parent is trying to avoid.

Bonus points if they also mention the intention to avoid them. “I saw you, but Mummy said to turn the other way.”

Taking medication or sanitary items out of the cupboards and asking what they are in front of guests.

“Mummy, why do you have a packet of pink nappies in the bathroom?”

Being humiliated by your children is a rite of passage for parents.

So, mums and dads, what’s your lucky number of cringe-worthy moments on the list? My son has pulled out almost all of them and he is only five! Looks like we’ve got 12 more years of red-faced moments left to go!

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