7 hilarious ways to handle toddler tantrums

toddler throwing tantrum outside

Not really sure how to handle your child’s public meltdown? These cheeky anti-tantrum tips may help. And, if not, at least you might get a laugh out of them while realising other parents are going through the same angst.

The first step is to accept that kids tantrum. It’s what they do. They tantrum at the grocery store, in the school car park, in the middle of your brother’s wedding, on a 14 hour flight overseas. It happens.

Last month Kim Kardashian proved to all parents that you really can’t control when your child decides to spit the dummy as she tried to calmly sooth 19-month-old daughter North West in the front row during New York Fashion Week, not once, but twice.

In honour of North’s unwavering commitment to proving that she is the boss, we’re compiling a list of some of our favourite tongue-in-cheek ways to handle public meltdowns. Have any suggestions to add?

Do the same

Last year Kathy Sterner filmed her husband mimicking their six-year-old daughter’s tantrum in a video most parents can relate to. For the record, no children were harmed in this video and Kathy has explained, “At no point in this video were we laughing at her. We were laughing at the antics of my husband”. Well played Dad. Well played.


With chocolate. And wait the storm out.

child sitting on floor with cardboard box over head

 Pretend you don’t know them

Your toddler is in the middle of the grocery store, on the floor, bashing around like a fish caught in a net. Rather than freak out, turn the other cheek. Stand eerily close to another child and pretend he is yours. Keep your distance from your own screaming toddler and if she starts yelling out, “MUUUUM,” turn to the closest woman and say loudly, “I think she’s talking to you”.

young girl with grumpy face

Find their Jam

This is another one of our favourite videos. How do you stop tantrums in the car? Find a radio station that is playing her favourite song. Problem solved.

Show no emotion

Heidi Klum showed Lenny who was boss when her little diva decided she had had enough during a public outing. Heidi’s dedication to keeping a straight face while pretending she isn’t carrying a screaming child is another way to handle the infamous public meltdowns.

Distract them

This has got to be the only one that actually works. Whenever you go out, carry the following items in your purse at all times – a bag of Chupa Chups, a phone, a felt pen and a wallet of old receipts. Give the tantrum thrower each item one at a time. This will distract her for at least fifteen seconds an item. Save the receipts for last as you will be picking them off the floor as you walk.

young girl looking through parent's purse

Take reassurance in the fact that you are not alone

Children, especially toddlers, couldn’t care less about where they are or who their parents are. If they want to cry, they will cry. Take pride in the fact that you are in good company. Even celebrity children tantrum in the most inconvenient places.


The next time your child decides to throw herself on the floor in the middle of a crowded shop, just remember, it’s happened to the best of us.

Where is the most embarrassing place your child has decided to crack a tanty? How did you handle it?

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