In a new low, racist trolls are targeting Khloé Kardashian’s baby daughter

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The dumpster fire that is the comments section of celebrity social media accounts hit a new low recently, with some horrendous types targeting Khloé Kardashian’s five-month-old daughter True in a series of racist and abusive attacks.

“The Triplets”

It signals that not only do people need to take a good, hard look at themselves, but that perhaps it’s time for high profile types to shut down their comments altogether.

Khloé’s baby girl was targeted after Kim Kardashian shared a photo of young True, along with her own daughter Chicago and sister Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi.

“The Triplets,” Kim captioned the super-cute shot of the three baby cousins. Naw.

While lots of fans were delighted by the photo, many other horrible types took the opportunity to attack the little girls, mostly targeting the youngest of the three – Khloé’s daughter True.

The attacks – of which there were many – focused on True’s physical features, ranking the baby’s beauty against her cousins’ and – most notably – critiquing the colour of True’s skin

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It’s hard to fathom what goes through someone’s head when they decide to post racist and downright nasty comments about an innocent child. Not much at all, one would guess.

We’re not super keen to give those comments the light of day by reposting them here. What we are keen to highlight is that this sort of unfiltered and abusive online behaviour is getting worse.

The sweetest or even the saddest moments are no longer immune to this sort of venom. In fact, they’re a call to arms for the terrible types who figure their dark thoughts and sadistic snark needs to be witnessed by others.

Ariana Grande was recently trolled mercilessly in the wake of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller’s death, as people blamed the grieving young woman for his overdose. And recently the Instagram account of Sinead McNamara, the young woman who was very sadly found dead on a super yacht in the Greek islands, has been “death trolled” by legions of absolute losers as her family mourns her loss.

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? The Triplets ?

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In the Kardashian case, lots of kind and genuine people, leapt to the babies’ defence, lambasting the trolls and reporting the comments as abusive.

But the fact that there was any dialogue about True Thompson’s skin being the “wrong” colour is sickening, and the wisdom of providing a forum for that kind of rubbish surely has to be examined.

We know that Khloé really does read the comments on Instagram and Twitter. She very often responds to judgement and criticism. She quite recently angrily challenged social media users who were calling her baby ugly, so chances are she’ll not let this new surge of racist behaviour go by without comment.

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slumber party ?

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Time to turn off comments?

You have to wonder though whether allowing followers to blithely say their piece is really worth it, in the long run. 

Someday True and her cousins will be old enough to read the vile things strangers have posted about them. That’s got to inform their development and sense of worth in negative and totally preventable ways.

Surely turning comments off and instantly opting nasty strangers out of passing judgment is the best thing for everyone at this point?

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? You are my sunshine! My only sunshine ?

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