Prince William just drove Kate and Louis to work … In a helicopter

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You might think that Prince Harry is the only cool prince on the block, but Prince William just busted out a sick move that proves he’s pretty awesome too. (Maybe even MORE awesome?)

Pretty fly for a white guy

Much like your average dad pulling up in a Subaru Outback in the carpark for an office party, William’s seen flinging the door of a quite magnificent and very shiny helicopter open, on the lawns of Kensington Palace.

Busting out a sort of levelled-up version of a scenario every family will find slightly familiar, he pops on his jacket and then slowly saunters around to the passenger side to help the wife and baby get sorted, grinning all the while.

It’s highly probable that this is a direct challenge to his younger brother, who has been quite rudely hogging the limelight on a tour of Australia and the Pacific with his new wife, Duchess Meghan. 

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We suspect William texted Harry the evening prior, telling him to keep his eye on the media and watch his back because Kate and Wills are the OG royal couple faves – and don’t you forget it!! #BackOffHarry

On Tuesday, true to his word, William made his move, as this James Bond-inspired incarnation showed up and reminded everyone that Wills is a cool guy too.

He cleverly broke – and indeed updated – the adventurous Bond trope by having his wife and now six-month-old baby son join this very important mission.

Your move, Harry

The moment was caught on film and quickly uploaded to social media … and then Harry-fatigued royal fans (there HAS been a LOT of Harry coverage these past 2 weeks) went a little bit nuts.

“Once upon a sunny Autumn day, a prince landed his helicopter in the royal gardens and carried his son’s baby bag into the palace,” Instagrammer SpenClaire posted alongside footage of William’s badass family arrival at Kensington Palace. 

“My favourite family ever,” one Instagram follower gushed.

“Just flying a chopper home,” someone else wrote.

“Bond? James Bond? No– just Prince William!” another joked.

“Harry who?” another posted. No. I made that last one up.



William and Kate were in town to attend a state dinner at Buckingham Palace. Kate wore a pale blue Alexander McQueen gown – which many are likening to a wrinkled ’80s prom dress – along with Princess Diana’s favourite Lover’s Knot tiara.

Then it was back to the country for the couple and Prince Louis, once again with William flying them out.

“The family were spotted again yesterday boarding the helicopter at Kensington Palace,” Express UK reported. “The trio are understood to be returning to Norfolk where Kate and William’s other two school-aged children Prince George and Prince Charlotte are spending their half term break.”

Of course, it’s not the first time William has busted out a pro-helicopter move. He’s an experienced search and rescue helicopter pilot, thanks to his time with the RAF, and it’s thought that he flew Kate to Mount Kenya in Africa where he proposed to her.

William’s also been known to fly Harry and their various mates about the countryside and was once criticised for practising chopper landings and take-offs in a paddock out the back of Kate’s parents’ house in Bucklebury.


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