Pink shared a video of her crying baby boy and people have BIG opinions

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Mum-of-two Pink has just shared a photo of her almost two-year-old son crying his way through a swimming lesson – and her followers have opinions.

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Swimming lessons are fu*king fun you guys ??

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“This is bullcrap”

“Swimming lessons are fu*king fun you guys,” Pink posted alongside the footage of a very sad and soggy toddler Jameson in what looks like an amazing swimming pool.

Cue the Judgey McJudgerson committee, who began swooping in and questioning whether Jameson was really okay.

“He will be made to hate it and dread each lesson. Pink I am surprised at you,” one commenter posted.

“I count that as child abuse. I love your music but this is bullcrap,” another declared.

“He’s a baby. Seems a little harsh,” someone else suggested.

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“Safe first, and then fun”

When another woman commented, “Isn’t he a little small for that? Sounds as [if] he is very scared. Swimming should be fun. Take care little one,” Pink stepped in to respond.


“My daughter started at 6 months,” Pink wrote. “Cried every day for five days. Then I took her again at 18 months. Cried every day. Again at 2 1/2. Screamed bloody murder.”

“My hands were shaking. On the way to the car she said ‘mama, that was so much fun.’ I was like, ‘WHAT?!’ Now, she swims like an actual fish, and she loves it. And I no longer worry about her every second she’s in the water.”

“My son, this is his first lesson. But when he is also safe in the water and knows how to swim out of a pool without panicking, or knows how to roll over and lay on his back, Believe me sweetie, you’re the last person I’ll be thinking of. Swimming should be safe first, and then fun.”

“Kudos to you!”

Not everyone was angry at Pink for making Jameson do swimming lessons. In fact, lots of people said there was wisdom in this approach.

“That’s how you replace fear with fun and make safe happy water babies,” one commenter suggested.

“Not fun to watch, but everybody got to start somewhere. It should be essential for children to learn from a young age,” another person wrote.

“Honestly I think all parents should be obligated to have their babies learn to swim at a VERY young age to avoid the unnecessary and unfortunate devastation of their child drowning in the family pool,” someone else pointed out.

“Not that my opinion counts for much but there is more than just a swimming lesson going on here! Facing things we’re not comfortable with but doing it anyway is empowering and how we grow! It’s hard seeing our kids uncomfortable but look at what he just achieved despite it. Kudos to you!!” another fan of baby swim lessons posted.

It’s a great idea to start swimming lessons early. We love Pink for sharing this video and starting a conversation about the importance of familiarising with kids with water. And honestly, how great a job did Jameson do when he dipped under the water? Gold star!

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Laughter is the best medicine

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