“Obsessed”: Prince George is sharing cute, geeky facts with his family

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Prince George, it appears, is a lot like many other small children, developing passionate interests and showing a real enthusiasm for sharing what he knows.

Jurassic George

Yesterday George’s dad, Prince William, revealed dinosaurs are top of mind for the five-year-old prince. Not only is young George absolutely besotted with dino facts, but he’s also been sharing what he knows with his parents and siblings.

All was revealed on a visit to the Acorns Hospice in Birmingham, a centre opened by William’s mum, Princess Diana, back in 1988. William explored the facility, learnt more about the programs and chatted to staff, parents and kids.

In one particularly cute moment, he asked a child if they’d been drawing a triceratops. 
“I know because George is obsessed with dinosaurs. We’re learning all about them,” William said in a clip posted to Twitter.

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Extremely intense interests

The Prince, ever the jolly royal joker, later noted that some of the hospice children’s toys might be getting “burnt bottoms” because they were sitting atop a painting of a volcano. #snort

George’s enthusiasm for dinosaurs is brilliant – and typical of children his age. Indeed, one-third of kids develop similar passions known as extremely intense interests (or EII’s). They start to emerge at around 18 months of age and can favour everything from dinosaurs to rubbish trucks to The Wizard of Oz

Prehistoric presents

In line with this volcanic and prehistoric theme, William was gifted a very special present for George, Charlotte, and Louis while visiting the nearby University of Birmingham. 

People Magazine’s royal reporter Simon Perry shared a snap on Instagram of three bespoke colouring books, with The Big Book of Dinosaur Colouring taking pride of place.

“We made four especially for today,” university vice-chancellor Sir David Eastwood told People. “[William] said ‘I’ll be the most popular father in the country tonight.’”

It was a busy day of royal engagements in Birmingham, with William also speaking to some primary school children about resilience at school.

“I got scared in school sometimes,” he admitted to the kids. “I was nervous about putting my hand up in class. There’s no such thing as a silly question.”

True that!


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