Little girl’s letter to the Tooth Fairy will give you goosebumps

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Fact: kids love the Tooth Fairy.

Just the idea of their existence can entice kids to care for their pearly whites, to clean their room, and to be good in the lead-up to Christmas. It also inspires them to write countless letters.

Often letters to the tooth fairy are for practicality purposes (eg. “I lost my tooth. Can I still have money? You should be able to find it if you can fly in the drain.”)

But sometimes our kids write letters to fairies that give us goosebumps with how innocent and thoughtful they are.

Like this letter by little Amelia:

Amelia’s letter to the tooth fairy…gorgeous girl xx

Posted by Inga Liljestrom on Wednesday, 10 April 2019

She manages to melt the hearts of every adult with phrases like, “I personally fink” and “I really respect what you do for a fairy job.” 

Not to mention the line, “It would be so horrible without fairys even thinking about it my eyes are starting to tear up” … she has us literally starting to tear up!

“She has fairy blood in her”

Amelia’s mum, Inga Liljestrom, shared the letter on her Facebook page, and it warmed the hearts of numerous friends and followers.

One friend simply writes, “TEARS!” while another shared, “She has fairy blood in her.”

Another was a little more cynical saying, “I think she’s after more money.” (AREN’T THEY ALL!)

In all her responses, it’s clear that Inga feels extremely blessed to be raising such a considerate (and eloquent) young lady.

“I’m so glad she’s a’s something not to be lost…ever,” she responded to a friend.

Time to reminisce

Amelia’s letter also got people reminiscing about their own encounters with the tooth fairy.

“I had correspondence with the tooth fairy,” shares a friend. “She wrote back with tiny little letters in teeny weeny envelopes, with handwriting uncannily similar to my dad’s.”

It’s a nice reminder that the little things we do (like responses from “the tooth fairy”) will stay in our children’s memories for life.

It can be hard for parents to fathom what it will be like when the era of fairies and magic ends and they have to break the news about fairies and Santa and Easter bunnies …

But boy, if this era is a beautiful one while it lasts.

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