Teacher’s note to the tooth fairy saves the day!

Many of us might dread getting a note home from our child’s teacher. But for Victorian mum Fiona Watson, a sweet note from her son’s teacher to the tooth fairy made her day – and ours.

Fiona tells Babyology she tried to encourage her seven-year-old son Connor to pull out a wiggly tooth long before a schoolyard game of football intervened.

“Connor was playing footy at school and had a bit of a collision and off they (the teeth) went,” Fiona says.

“We tried looking for them, knowing full well it was like … well looking for teeth on a football field.”

Lucky for Connor, he has an amazing teacher at Wangaratta West Primary School, Ms Clapham aka Ms C, who was only too happy to vouch for him and his missing chompers.


“Dear Toothfairy, Connor’s bottom tooth was knocked out during footy but he couldn’t find it. Could he still get money? Love, Ms C x,” she wrote.

Fiona says she thought it was such a beautiful gesture so she shared a photo of it with her friends on Facebook.

“I thought what a gorgeous thing to do, to go a little bit above what you do as a teacher,” Fiona says.

“He must have been very stressed he wasn’t going to get any money if he couldn’t find his teeth, so he has told her and she has written the note.

“It is just incredibly cute, we are very lucky all of the teachers we’ve had so far have been really good.”

And, for those who were wondering, Fiona assures us, it all worked out in the end.

“The tooth fairy did come, we left the note up on the cupboard. In the morning Connor said ‘I’ve got to go and check that note’ and sure enough the tooth fairy had left some odd amount of money,” Fiona says.

“It was $2.90 or something ridiculous like that, she probably could have sprung an extra 10 cents but never mind.”

We would love to know what wonderful things your child’s teacher has done.

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