Lara Worthington says her kids co-sleep sideways and shares “big family” plans

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Lara Worthington made a quick trip to Australia – and shared a little more about life with her hubby and two little boys.

Cotton On = matchmaker!

Lara and hubby actor Sam Worthington are both Australian but they actually first met in New York. Lara says she knew instantly she was going to spend the rest of her life with Sam – and to be fair may women in the same position would probably have hoped for the very same thing!

“We were at a festival in Central Park in New York. I was there for a Cotton On event and he was there with a few of his friends,” she revealed a couple of years ago on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“I remember I had a house here in Sydney in the eastern suburbs, and my mum was over helping me clean … I said ‘Mum, I’m going to get married’ and she said ‘What? You’ve just met the guy!'”

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“My anchor”

The pair did marry in 2014 (as Lara predicted) and they had their first baby – Rocket – a year later. A year and a half after that, another baby boy named Racer arrived.

“I do feel grateful to have met him,” Lara told Stellar magazine recently. “I think he would say that, too. From where he was until now, he’s a totally different person. Being a dad is his greatest role ever. He’s so present with his children and so giving.”

But it’s not just the kids Sam is casting a steady influence on.

“My husband really gives me this grounding and support,” Lara continued. “He’s … what’s the right word? My anchor. He really calms me and makes me feel secure. I don’t have to put on any façade with him.”

“Protecting my family”

After leading a very public life, this pairing with Sam evolved Lara’s view on media attention dramatically. She chose not to share many details of her pregnancies, confirm her babies’ arrival or share their names immediately.

In fact she eventually removed most evidence of her children from her Instagram account, revealing that their safety and privacy was paramount.

“I really take pride in protecting my family,” she just told Stellar in a brand new cover story. “It’s not just about me anymore. I have less of a voice and I’m happy about that because sometimes there’s too much talk.”

“Sam doesn’t even have social media, and if mine was to go away tomorrow it wouldn’t leave an imprint on my life. All my friends are my real friends — I don’t need to talk to them through Instagram.”

In a 2017 interview, Lara spoke again about giving her children a chance to grow up away from the spotlight.

“We love our privacy and, for our children, we decided early on to give them as much privacy as we could. Sometimes our reality is difficult for Rocket and Racer, but we try hard to protect them. That’s our main focus because [our sons] don’t have a choice.”

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“We would love a big family”

Lara says her babies are growing up now … and that more Worthington kids are 100 percent on the cards.

“The boys are both out of their cribs. Often we end up with all four of us in the bed, because if one sees the other one is in with us, then they want to hop in too. And you know kids — they sleep sideways!”

“We would love a big family and I would definitely have more, but I just need a little break,” Lara admits.

“Some days are great, others are harder, but watching them grow up is the greatest thing.”

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