Khloé Kardashian in tears ahead of baby True’s first birthday

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Khloé Kardashian is living that age-old saying “the days are long but the years are short” as she prepares for her daughter’s first birthday.

“Is it weird?”

Khloé’s feeling a little teary ahead of 11-month-old True’s big day.

“Is it weird that I think I’m having anxiety thinking True will be one on Friday?!?!” Khloé just tweeted.

“I’m sad Time is flying as fast as it is. I’ll be happy, of course, I simply can’t understand where the time goes. Thank you Lord for every moment … bring me the tissues!”

It’s not hard to imagine why Khloé’s feeling emotional. The speed with which babies grow is gobsmacking. Add to that the fact that having a sibling for True with baby daddy Tristan Thompson is not going to happen and things level up a notch in the tear-jerking stakes.

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?You are my sunshine My only sunshine You make me happy When skies are grey You'll never know, dear How much I love you ?

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A new normal

Khloé and Tristan separated recently, with another cheating scandal proving to be the final nail in the coffin for this pairing.

Khloé has spent the last few weeks dealing with the loss of the future she’d dreamed of, and using it as an opportunity to grow … and focus on True.

As Tristan and Khloé prep to celebrate their child’s first birthday, they must both be having some big feelings about the turn their relationship has taken.

“It gets better!”

Khloé’s fans sympathised with her teary feels, but gently warned her to get ready for lots of big and painful moments ahead. Khloé was having none of it!

“Omg if you need tissue now you will be an absolute mess at her kindergarten graduation,” one fan wrote.

“Graduation?!” Khloé responded. “I’ll be a mess day one of preschool … I can’t think about this.” 

“Time is going to fly by so fast that she’ll be 20 and moving in her own home before you realise it,” another person tweeted.

“Don’t even say such a thing LOL,” Khloé said. “I’m moving where she’s moving!”

“I promise it gets better!!” someone else reassured.

“Please! I pray,” was the mum-of-one’s response. “Since when did I become such a mush?”

Stay tuned for further mush as True turns one later this week. 


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