Bronwyn Mandile and David Koch: Homework cheats, in-laws, yelling kids and more

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Writer and founder of Mumlyfe Bronwyn Mandile and Sunrise TV presenter David Koch join Shevonne Hunt on The Parent Panel to dissect and discuss the events of the week.

This includes:

  • Should all Australians be holding their kids back from school?
  • When parents take over homework
  • Dealing with kids that yell
  • Whether mothers-in-law deserve the bad rap they get

Listen to Bronwyn Mandile and David Koch on The Parent Panel:

Should we be holding kids back from school?

This week a study led by the University of NSW found that parents who hold their kids back from school give them the “gift of time”.  

The “gift of time” refers to the delay of formal education, as research shows that children benefit from play-based learning.

Just look at Finland, the country touted as having one of the best education systems in the world, where children start school at seven years of age.

However holding kids back from school in Australia seems to be only for those that can afford it, as the study found it was more likely to happen in affluent areas.

Did you hold any of your children back from school? Why did you decide to hold them back or send them? Have you seen the benefit of holding kids back? Do you think everyone should be able to make this choice?

When parents do their kid’s homework

Writer Bianca Wordley has a message for parents everywhereDon’t do your kid’s homework.

Her daughter was coming home disappointed because all of the other kids’ projects looked amazing (because their parents did them).

Which is sad, and parents shouldn’t be doing their kids’ homework. Still. Many do.

When have you stepped in to help your child with an art/homework/craft project? How did you rate your effort?

How do you deal with a yelling child?

When you become a parent, you take on a role that is pretty special.

You get love, hugs and badly-made-mugs.

You also get blamed for things (like cutting the toast the wrong way) or yelled at (for turning off the TV).

How do you respond to your child when they yell? Do you talk to them calmly, refuse to engage or take ten deep breaths? What have you found is the best way to respond to a child’s anger when it’s directed squarely at you?

Do mothers-in-law deserve their bad reputation?

In-laws, generally, don’t get a very good rap. Mothers-in-law, in particular, are often portrayed as busybodies who are adept at crossing every boundary known to mankind.

Do you think mothers-in-law are misunderstood? What is your relationship like with your mother-in-law? What makes a good in-law?


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