Kate Hudson marks baby Rani’s first year with bonkers-cute celebratory video

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Can you even believe Kate Hudson’s ‘new baby’ is now one year old?! The time has flown by but luckily Kate’s reminded us with a ridiculously gorgeous video of her baby girl.

Rani Rose turns one

Kate is mum to three lovely kids. Seven-year-old Bingham is her son with Matt Bellamy and 15-year-old Ryder is her son with ex-husband Chris Robinson.

Daughter Rani Rose – her bub with partner Danny Fujikawa – has just clocked up her first 12 months.

Taking to Instagram, Kate marked Rani’s first year with a beautifully shot video capturing precious moments with her wee girl.

“And what a year it’s a been. A big Happy 1st Birthday to Rani Rose,” Kate captioned the cute clip.

The video is set to dreamy soundtrack and shows Kate and Rani smooch-ily eating out together, the toddler strapped into her car seat, and kicking back in a cute onesie at home.

Kate’s high-profile friends could not get enough of this sweet vision.

“GIVE ME A BREAK,” Gwyneth Paltrow wrote under Kate’s video.

“Too cute,” Paris Hilton concurred.

“Can’t believe she’s 1,” dancer Maddie Ziegler wrote.

“I’m definitely in deep”

It wasn’t just famous folk who gushed over gorgeous Rani. Some non-famous types went a little nuts too.

“She is so precious and adorable!!!” one follower wrote.

“Oh my goodness she is perfect. Happy birthday sweet little one,” another commented.

“Honestly one of the prettiest babies I’ve ever seen,” someone else decided.

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Naturally there’s no greater fan of this little girl than her very own mum (and dad, no doubt!) with Kate admitting she’s pretty much obsessed with her toddler daughter.

“I can’t leave her. I’m attached at this point,” she told E! News recently.

“I’m still just starting to feel like I’m coming out of that bubble, but I’m definitely deep in it at this point.”


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