Guys, please read this memo and stop using this age-old excuse. WE. ARE. DONE!

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It’s come to our attention that the old, ‘women can simultaneously do multiple things at once’ premise of family life, is bullshit.

Not true.

That’s right. Science has found that multitasking isn’t naturally in the female DNA. Our poor tired brains are not wired to do it any more than men’s are.

Holy moly.

Well, I think it’s time we sent our fellas the memo too, don’t you?

So guys, listen up!

If science says it, then it has to be true

We reported on this grand revelation the other week. And you can read about all the science behind it here. But in short, the researchers found that women are not born multitaskers; they just do more when it comes to the household.

Yawn. Tell us something we don’t know.

They concluded that no one is really very good at doing more than one thing at one time, regardless of if they wear a bra or stretched jocks (that need replacing but won’t get done unless your wife makes the trip to Kmart. You know I’m right, Mr Loose Undies).

No one.

So fellas, your baby mama screaming that her head is going to explode from juggling family, work, the housework and all that entails needs you to pick up the slack.

And I know, I know, she’s SO GOOD at multitasking. I mean, just look at her breastfeeding your baby as she does the weekly shopping online on her computer and sorts the bills. We get it. She’s had lots of practice at quickly switching her brain between tasks.

But you can too!

Here’s how.

Start small

It seems dudes have also been bitten by the ‘females are natural multitaskers’ myth. It probably all started in childhood when your mum, with invisible octopus arms, did way more than she should have for you.

So what you need to do to overcome this, is a bit of brain rewiring.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

Try these simple exercises

1. Do SOMETHING while talking to her, instead of just standing there yapping. Even if this is just sweeping the floor as you chit chat (side note, domestic help is very sexy to a mum – wink, wink).

2. DO NOT go to the loo forever. Seriously, why does it take you so long to do your business?! Rather than sit on Facebook when you are in there, why not THINK about what needs to be done in the morning? Do kindy bags need packing? Are the permission slips signed? Is it library day and as such, books that need to be found tonight? Then, when you are DONE (finally!!) why not do those things? Oh. My. Goodness. It would make her day and the morning a hell of a lot less stressful, I tell ya.

3. Then, after you’ve nailed two things at the same time, you can work up to three things in quick succession. Try putting on the dishwasher as you baby carry your whiny toddler between practising sight words with your school kid.

See, you too are a multitasker! Not a born one (and neither are we) but a learned one, just like us.

Also, sorry if anyone finds this tongue-in-cheek article a bit insulting or sexist. But this multitasking myth has plagued women since the beginning of time, and we are OVER IT.

So please guys, take note and take action.

We are in this together.


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