Revolutionary cream can prevent eczema and common allergies in babies

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Melbourne researchers have developed an amazing cream that could revolutionise the health of lots of littlies. Bravo team!

Twice-a-day cream making a big difference

This allergy and eczema busting cream is called EpiCeram and just two applications of the cream a day has been making a big difference to the babies it’s been tested on so far.

Explaining that some tiny babies have a poor skin barrier, and that those with the poorest are more likely to develop eczema and food allergies, lead researcher Associate Professor Adrian Lowe from the University of Melbourne shed more light on the cream’s benefits.

“Researchers now believe allergens are penetrating infant skin and increasing the risk of developing an allergic condition like eczema, food allergies and asthma,” Associate Professor Lowe explained.

“Sometimes this theory is called ‘leaky skin’. A range of factors, both genetic and environmental, can lead to skin barrier damage. When allergens enter through the skin, the result is then sensitisation and subsequent allergic disease.”

The EpiCeram cream helps to strengthen a baby’s skin barrier, which seems to block out allergens.

“Our intervention showed a very promising reduction in the rate of not only eczema but also sensitisation to food allergens, a marker of food allergy,” he said. “We found there was a reduction of eczema by about a half.”

This is incredible and potentially life-changing for families and babies affected by these conditions.

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Babies needed for trial!

It’s full steam ahead for this team’s work, with researchers are now recruiting 760 babies for the next phase of their trial.

“The trial, being led by the University of Melbourne, the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and major Melbourne hospital partners, needs babies aged three weeks or younger whose parents or siblings suffer from either eczema, asthma or food allergies,” The University of Melbourne explains via Medical Xpress.

It’s hoped that eventually this helpful cream will be made available to the public. 

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