Duchess Kate comes under fire for three very surprising reasons

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If you are the Duchess of Cambridge, you are public property, it would seem and the latests attacks on Kate are proof of that. 

People have been asking “Where is Prince Louis?” and they’ve decided this new mum is to blame for the lack of royal newborn in their lives. They’re also not keen on Kate being in Harry and Meghan’s wedding photos, so there’s that. And also her role in Prince George’s love of all things policeman has raised eyebrows, too.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son Louis Arthur Charles. The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.

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Where is Prince Louis?

Kate and Prince William welcomed their third child seven weeks ago, and after an initial outpouring of love, some royal watchers have turned on the mum-of-three.

The cross types are unimpressed that baby Louis has not been spotted since that iconic appearance on the steps of St Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing. They want to see Louis and they want to see him now, goshdarnit!

While we’ve spotted Louis’ siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, several times since Kate gave birth, the newborn prince has remained tucked safely away from the public’s eye.

Little Louis was born at 11.01am on 23 April, weighing in at 3.82 kilograms. Not yet two months old, his parents have wisely left him at home with the family’s nanny (and a baby nurse, apparently, with Kate’s mum rumoured to be stepping in to lend a hand too.)

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The family attended Meghan and Harry’s wedding, a fun day out at a horse show, the Trooping the Colour ceremony and a polo match William was playing in – all without baby Louis.

“It feels as though he doesn’t exist”

This seems sensible to many of us, but some punters are not having it and want a glimpse of Louis ASAP please. Their urging started when Harry and Meghan’s wedding photos were released and seems to be gathering increasing momentum.

“Sorry if this has been done already but did anyone else wonder where baby prince Louis was in this photo?” a Mumsnet user wrote in a post she created specifically to question whether Louis being left at home was unreasonable. ” I feel it would have been a nice touch for Louis to be included in the family photo. It feels as though he doesn’t exist.”

“They’re suckers for ‘protocol’,” someone decided, as others nodded and squabbled.

Why is Kate there?

While lots of people chimed in to remind the poster that Louis was very little and better off at home, others agreed he should be out and about – and then used the discussion as an opportunity to critique Kate’s presence in the wedding photos.

“I was actually wondering more, why Kate Middleton was in the main photos,” a person opined about the wedding snap and weirdly, others agreed.

“Nope, as hard as I try, I can’t fathom why Kate Middleton was in the main wedding photos,” another said.

“I reckon Kate is there to control Charlotte,” someone else posted rudely.

(No matter that Kate’s the mum of the future King of England and sister-in-law of the groom, you go right ahead with that green-eyed monster drivel, y’all!)


The new normal

It’s fair to say that these now-confident parents are ignoring the negative Nancies, taking family life in their stride, making their own rules and settling in to a new normal. They’re deciding what’s best for themselves and their kids.

Baby Louis didn’t attend Meghan and Harry’s wedding, nor appear in the wedding snaps, because he was only three weeks old. That’s very little to be at such a big, noisy, long event – especially when he’s still recovering from his own birth and building immunity.

He wasn’t spotted on Kate’s day out with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, perhaps because he’s happier at home or perhaps because it was some special bonding time with their mum for these little royals, away from the attention-requiring newborn?

Neither Prince George nor Princess Charlotte appeared at Trooping the Colour before their first birthday. George appeared a month shy of his second birthday and Charlotte not until she had turned two. Prince Louis is being afforded the same ‘confinement’ time away from the public that his siblings were.

And look, who knows why Louis wasn’t at the polo, but one can only imagine that brilliant parents Kate and William are keen to keep him away from scrutiny for as long as possible – and out of the the Summer “heat” too!

It’s clear that in this age of social media, our thirst for details on those in public life has grown – and in the case of the royals it’s become a little entitled.

There’ll be plenty of time to spot Louis in the coming months and years, and we’re set to catch a glimpse when he’s christened, which is sure to be very, very soon (perhaps July?)

But wait, there’s more!

And if you thought Kate was off the hook now that people have vented about the lack of Prince Louis AND dissected her wedding photo appearance, think again. 

Images taken on the weekend show Prince George playing with toy handcuffs, a toy gun and a toy knife – and of course royal watchers went into meltdown, questioning Kate’s choices once more.

“Completely tone deaf of Kate … to give Prince George a toy gun. Doesn’t she read the papers in her own country with all the gun deaths? If the Duchess of Sussex had done this, she would be excoriated in the media! Lucky George isn’t black or police would have shot him,” one Twitter commenter wrote.

Sigh. It can’t be easy to be under scrutiny all the time, and we have to say we wouldn’t trade places with her for a second.


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