Does the reason people think Kylie Jenner’s pregnant actually make some sense?

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KarJenner fans are going wild about a possible Kylie Jenner second pregnancy and depending on where you stand their logic is either totally feasible or incredibly misguided.

“Stuck to me like glue”

Pieces are popping up all over the internet floating the fan theory that because Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi is going through a very clingy period, it indicates that the billionaire mum is expecting again.

The clingy toddler theory has appeared on big media outlets like Harpers Bazaar, Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan and it was based on two Kylie Instagram posts from the last week or so.

“My baby is stuck to me like glue lately,” Kylie posted in one update.

“Girl. You gotta do things without me!” she wrote in another.

The comments section of these posts quickly lit up with all the pregnancy theories.

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“She’s probably pregnant”

Fans immediately decided that this clinginess was a sign that Kylie was pregnant again. A sort of premature sibling rivalry playing out, if you will.

“They say girls cling when you are pregnant with a boy,” one follower posted.

“She probably pregnant … Babies b knowing,” another declared.

“This happens when you are pregnant again,” someone else said firmly.

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my baby is stuck to me like glue lately?

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Clingy toddlers may well characterise pregnancy for some women … But they also characterise almost any day in the life of a toddler mum.

In fact, if a clingy toddler was a sign of pregnancy, many of us would be the proud parents of eleventy billion babies because the usual toddler MO is attached to the leg of its parents, no matter where they are or what they are doing!

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i love our little conversations ?? ??☀️

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Yet there might be something in it

That said, this clingy toddler pregnancy test theory has been floated since long before Kylie Jenner was a toddler herself. There’s even been some research into these velcro kid vibest.

One study of late pregnancy found that children aged 18 months to four years of age who had a pregnant mum displayed more clinging, sleep disturbance and misbehaviour with tantrums than expected.

Another study found that by the time a mother was at 12 weeks gestation, young firstborn girls in particular were more clingy. Which fits the Stormi bill.

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let’s get away ?

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Truth-telling toddlers?

This theory has also been discussed in reference to non-celebrity pregnancies too, with the women of Mumsnet relating their own experiences with pregnancy fortune-telling toddlers.

Some said they’d experienced clingy toddlers before they realised they were pregnant, but it’s hard to know whether this is down to ‘knowing’ their mum is pregnant or simply that they’re responding to shifts in the way she behaves.

“They’re picking up on the subtle changes in your verbal and non-verbal communication and of people around you,” one mum suggested. “They can’t ‘sense’ that you are pregnant.”

“My 3 year old has been more clingy to me when pregnant,” another mum posted. “I think it’s more me ‘playing hard to get’ though – I suddenly stop picking her up and letting her jump on me etc which makes her really want to do these things. They do go through some stupidly clingy phases at that age, though. I don’t think they can necessarily sense it, but your behaviour probably changes making them insecure.”

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baby girl??

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It’s unlikely that Kylie is pregnant because she’s recently spoken about not being quite ready to have a second baby. She’s also going through some relationship difficulties with her baby’s daddy Travis Scott.

“I do want more kids but I do not have any plans in the near future to have children right now,” she just told Interview magazine.

While babies often turn up at the most unexpected or tricky times, we’re guessing that Kylie means what she says and is hoping to have a bit more of a gap between number one and number two.

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