Dear boss, here’s 7 things we don’t do when working from home

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Dear employer,

Thanks for agreeing to me working from home today. You know my reasons for needing to and believe me, I value this flexible job more than you know.

But I want you to know, I am not slacking off!

Far from it, actually.

In fact, I’m starting to think you might be the one who benefits most from me doing this.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, here are some of the things I am NOT doing today.

1. Watching Netflix

I know I talk about shows like Workin’ Moms in the office, but I promise I’m not binge-watching this when I am on work time. I have too much to do! It’s just another day of work for me, the only difference is, I am wearing slipper socks.

2. Cleaning the house

I am not vacuuming the carpet or folding the mountain of washing in the living room.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn (because my husband certainly is!) that my house looks just as bad after a ‘day at work’ as it did when I first logged on in this morning.

When I work from home I, you know, work.

3. Chit-chatting with friends

No, I don’t invite my friends over for morning tea or lunch. When I work from home I don’t like to be interrupted and it’s a chance to get a solid day of work done. Because the truth is, when I work in the office, I’m not as productive.

There’s cake. Office chat. Constant interruption and noise.

At home it’s quiet. I can be more focused and stay on task. I get more done!

4. Playing with my kids

One thing I am definitely not doing is lying on the floor rumbling my kids or building LEGO.

They are at childcare/school. I need this as much as you need me to have it in place.

If a little someone is at home today, it’s because we are in lockdown. The juggle is real.

I will also make up any time I have lost taking temps and giving cuddles tonight when he’s asleep.

Child and mum playing

5.  Having a long lunch

My lunch is leftovers from last night. A quick zap in the microwave and I am back at my desk eating.

I don’t get to walk down the road like I do when I’m at the office, lining up at the cafe with the hordes of other hungry workers. Nor am I taking an hour and half lunch because it’s someone’s last day.

I know I’m entitled to a lunch break when I work from home too, it’s just that if I keep working through then I’ll have time to pick up my kids from after school care a little earlier than usual. 

6. Hanging out the washing

After dropping my kids off at childcare/school, grabbing a takeaway coffee on the way home and logging on just before I normally would in the office because no commute, I’ve completely forgotten about the washing I put in the machine last night.

Also, I don’t have time to hang it out now. I am at work. But I might do it in my lunch break, if I take one.

7. Knocking off dead on time

When I work from home, I don’t need to rush out the door as soon as I’ve logged off. There’s no bolting to the station to get the train that will enable me to be home in time for my toddler’s bath.

I am already home!

So I sometimes work a little extra, or log on after the kids are asleep.

See how you win from this?

I love this job!

So boss, I hope you know I respect the trust you’ve placed in me to work from home and that I do actually WORK on these days. But I also hope you understand how beneficial this arrangement is for you, too. You get so much more from me!

I also work hard for you because I value the flexibility this job gives me to better manage my life. As such, I want to remind you that you made the right choice when you hired a mum.

A mum who needs to work from home sometimes.


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