Chrissy Teigen asked parents what their kids are scared of and LOL

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Lip Sync Battle host and bestselling cookbook author Chrissy Teigen is married to award-winning singer John Legend.

“My sensitive little dude”

The pair have two kiddos together, a three-year-old daughter named Luna and a one-year-old son named Miles.

Chrissy shares snippets of family life very frequently on Instagram and Twitter, and one of her latest updates has caught the imagination of lots of other parents.

“My son is terrified of bubbles,” Chrissy wrote on Twitter earlier this week. “I love him so much, my sensitive little dude.”

Chrissy’s followers loved hearing about Miles and the very scary bubbles. Keen to reassure Chrissy that surprising fears were part and parcel of life with small children, they began sharing the things their own children, siblings and grandchildren were scared of.

“My little granddaughter is ten months old and terrified of bubbles!!! We thought she was the only one! I will tell my daughter. We just thought she was weird, I will tell my daughter she’s just sensitive!!”

“Mine was so sensitive he hated rain, the wind, sunlight in his face,” another follower wrote. “We used to say ‘he doesn’t like it when the weather touches him.’ He’s mostly grown out it now but he still has his moments!”

“Runs a mile from corn on the cob”

For some children, fears didn’t have to be about unpredictable or powerful things …

“Mine was terrified of the lawn,” another parent wrote, sharing a photo as proof. “Wouldn’t put her feet on it.”

“Mine is terrified of the scale, screams every time I step on it or she gets near it,” someone else told Chrissy. Now this one we understand!

“My grand daughter used to be afraid of the windshield wipers in the car,” one follower revealed. “When it would rain and I’d turn them on it was hell trying to drive because she would freak out!”

“When my son was a baby he was terrified of Jack Black,” someone else chimed in. “He would literally cry just by hearing his voice.” #StretchyPants

“My son asked me to remove an artistic picture of a ‘Yaydee bud’ [lady bug]  from a room he was sleeping in because it was too scary. I feel you sister,” another person posted.

“My one runs a mile from corn on the cob,” another parent offered.

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Pizza party!

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Lemons into lemonade?

Another parent tried to convince Chrissy that having a fear like this was a good thing for a very surprising reason.

“Use it,” they wrote on Twitter. “Our youngest was afraid of balloons. When we switched her from crib to bed, I kept her in her room during her naps by tying a helium balloon to her door.”

“Pretty funny hearing her steps, the door squeak open, her little yelp, and her landing back in bed.”

Um. Nope.

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this face. every day it kills me.

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