Chrissy Teigen’s simple rule for combining social media and her kids

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Chrissy Teigen is wildly popular with fans because – despite her obvious good fortune – she shares very relatable parenting moments. Chrissy and hubby John Legend are mum and dad to three-year-old Luna and one-year-old Miles.

The best age

The Lip Sync Battle star has just spoken to Pop Sugar about her approach to this sort of sharing. In an age of over-sharenting – the tendency to reveal more about our kids than they might like – it’s interesting to hear her go-to strategy.

Chrissy says she’s loving life with her kids right now, and Luna especially seems to change a little each day.

“She is just so funny and so sassy and so different every day,” Chrissy admitted. “She’s at the best age right now. We have so much fun together, truly.”

That said, things are not always lolly-dealing and pasta-making (below).

There are plenty of un-lovely moments and Chrissy says she likes to keep them off the socials. Endeavouring to keep half an eye on their future digital footprint she says she tries to be sensitive to their feelings.

“I don’t really post any things that the kids would be ashamed of or mad at me for posting,” she explains.

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I love this girl

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Drawing a line

Basically she treats her children’s online profiles as respectfully as possible.

“I see a lot of people posting their kids’ tantrums and having super-meltdowns,” Chrissy explained. “I don’t post that stuff just because that, to me, is like — I wouldn’t want someone to do that.”

But when it comes to herself and her other family and friends … all bets are off and most things are fair game.

“You try to protect them, of course, but for the most part, aside from the kids, there is no limit.”

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“I count them as actual friendship”

And while Chrissy’s copped much more than her fair share of criticism and mum-shaming on social media, she still says there’s so much she loves about interacting with people online.

“I really do have wonderful, wonderful fans,” she admits. “I actually think that the ratio of it is incredible, and that’s what keeps me going on social media. I count them as actual friendships with them.”

“Some people I’ve been talking to for like 10 years now online, so to me, that’s a bond; that’s a friendship. So it’s really cool.”


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