7 telltale signs that you’re done having babies

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Now that your children are getting older, life is getting easier. Unlike the early days when you felt tied to routines, feeds and sleeps, you now have more freedom. But are you really done having babies?

Here’s a few surefire signs you’re probably ready to shut the baby shop. 

1. You’re finally getting your life back

You’re finally able to have a shower in peace, you can stay up past 9pm without fear of losing out on precious sleep, and you can go places without worrying your baby will scream non-stop. No way you’re going back! 

2. Your wardrobe has nice clothes

Unlike the days of wearing sloppy oversized t-shirts covered in a multitude of stains, your wardrobe now has more sophisticated choices.  

Without the fear of chocolate-coated hands or snotty noses to contend with, you can buy and wear nice things. You finally feel confident in yourself and enjoy being able to get dressed in more than ten seconds flat.

3. You can leave the house with just your handbag – and love it!

Leaving the house with a baby often feels like packing for a two week holiday. Nappies, wipes, food, dummies, bottles, a change of clothes and a collection of other things you may never use are packed each time.  

Yet, as your children grow and become more independent it’s not necessary to lug around a bag the size of a small country. Going out with just your handbag and keys feels liberating and forgetting a dummy does not signal the end of the world. It’s basically bliss!

4. Parting with your baby things is easy

Rather than feeling mournful or nostalgic, you feel a sense of relief at parting with all your baby paraphernalia. You’re confident that you’ll never need any of it again and only keep one or two special outfits for sentimental reasons, as opposed to twenty.

5. You sleep nine hours straight

Going to bed at night you feel joy that you no longer have to get up to do feeds, nappy changes or resettling.

Waking up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day, you shudder at the thought of anything less. You don’t miss feeling like you have a constant hangover – without the fun – and having to survive the day in a zombie-like fog.

6. You happily pass babies back

When you meet a friend’s new baby you love having cuddles and gushing over their teeny tiny toes – after all, who doesn’t? But rather than feeling a longing to keep them snuggled up and a tug on your ovaries, you happily give them back and skip out the door.

The knowledge that you can do just that is liberating and you feel no sense of envy at all.

7. Your house resembles normality

Rather than having to go through five gates and undo three locks just to get a saucepan out, your house is now child-proof free.  

You don’t have to worry that little fingers will get into sockets, knife drawers or down toilets, and your home no longer looks like a nursery. Baby paraphernalia is all gone and in its place is a living space that’s less cluttered.  

Going as far as putting out the nice cushions and purchasing a fabric sofa is a sure sign that your baby days are done.  


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