You’ll totally want to copy the ET themed party Teresa Palmer threw her kids

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When Steven Spielberg launched a hoodie-wearing lad on a BMX bike into the sky, alien buddy tucked safely in carry basket, he could not have known that this was the iconic scene that would spark thousands of Halloween costumes – and now birthday party themes!

Phone home

Actor Teresa Palmer and her kiddos are apparently huge fans of this classic film, and chose an ET theme for a joint birthday party. The family split their time between Australia and the US, and this particular shindig was LA-side, Teresa says.

The cute bash featured a pretty impressive multi-tiered cake, topped with their favourite alien. There was also face painting, a photo booth where kids could dress up as Eliot (ET’s hero kid friend) and ET-themed cupcakes complete with BMX rider silhouettes. And that’s just for starters.

“Remembering the magic of childhood through these guys,” Teresa posted alongside an album of happy snaps from her sons’ big day.

“Happy LA birthday party Bodhi + Forest there really is no place like home!”

The Hacksaw Ridge star and her husband, Mark Webber, are parents to two little boys. Bohdi turned four in February and Forest turned one in December. 

“I thought I’d be having many children”

Teresa recently spoke to Stellar Magazine about her own childhood and her expectations of being a parent – hopefully of “many children”.

“It’s just always been ingrained into the fabric of who I am — this idea of being a mother,” Teresa explained. “I heard the stories of my grandmother raising eight children and watched her be around us, her grandchildren. She was very maternal and was the matriarch of the family. I was always inspired by her and wanted to follow in her footsteps.”

“I thought I’d be having many children, even at a younger age than when I started having children. I have my two little sons [Bodhi and Forest] and I’m looking forward to adding to that brood. It’s lovely that you can be both a working mum and have a big family. I also have a stepson [Isaac Love, nine] so we’re a lovely family of five. I’m so grateful for what I have.”

Rising star

Teresa’s currently starring in the limited release film 2:22 (which also stars actor and recent I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here contestant Kerri Armstrong and Offspring’s John Waters, amongst others) and has an upcoming flick with Six Feet Under star Rachel Griffiths, Animal Kingdom’s Jackie Weaver and star of everything Sam Neill in pre-production. It’s called Ride Like A Girl and Teresa stars as female jockey, Michelle Payne.

She’s also busy bee-ing away on her websites – Your Zen Life and Your Zen Mama – which focuses on spirituality and wellbeing for young women and mums. And somewhere in there, she’s finding the time to help raise two little boys. Not gonna lie, we’re tired just thinking about it!


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