Tortine Boutique Cakes adds wow factor to your party

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Custom birthday cakes from Tortine Boutique Cakes

It won’t come as a surprise to any reader to hear that between us, the Babyology team has a LOT of experience with parties and cakes. So I knew I was in for something special when an email arrived from Mandi telling me she had just been to a party where “a lovely woman made amazing cakes and cupcakes – we need to do a review!” She was right.

Tortine Boutique Cakes is located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, and customers can either pick up their order directly or have it delivered within the Sydney metropolitan area. You can choose between full size decorated cakes, cupcakes or stunning decorated cookies. Large cakes come in three flavours (chocolate, chocolate mud and delicious white chocolate mud) and if you decide to go for cupcakes you also have the option of gluten-free.

Tortine Boutique Cakes cupcakesYou can get in touch with Tortine Boutique Cakes directly to discuss your ideas and get an exact quote for your cake order, but as a general rule, individual cupcakes begin at $2.50 each, and individual decorated cookies at $3 each.

The pictures speak for themselves, so click over to Tortine Boutique Cakes and have a look at their whole gallery.

Tortine Boutique Cakes cupcakes, baby shower pink cupcakes

Tortine Boutique Cakes cupcakes, baby shower cupcakes


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