These reusable, sustainable party bags are perfect for your next celebration

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If the thought of packing party bags in the dead of night before your child’s birthday party is doing your head in, then lean a little closer to the screen …

Bags of Fun

Bags of Fun are a ready-to-go range of party bags that jam-pack lots of cute and playful things into one brilliant reusable bag.

No more do you have to fossick for party favours and unappreciated lollies. The good times experts at Bags of Fun have turned all that on its head, filling their party gift bags with treats parents and kids will love.

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Monster, Unicorn & Dragon Party Bags ALL Packed with sustainable goodness, NO nasties ??? #bagsoffunsydney #partybags #kidsparty #sustainableliving #ecofriendly #madewithlove

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These cute bags come in a bunch of different themes to sort a whole range of interests and personalities. Perhaps you’ve got a monster fan on your hands? They’ve got you covered. Or maybe it’s a unicorn enthusiast who’s celebrating their upcoming birthday? Bags of Fun make the cutest unicorn-themed treat bags too. Other themes include princess, dragon, knight and fairy bags. Prices start at $14.95.

Cute keepsakes, zero plastic

All the products within Bags of Fun are sustainable and contain ZERO PLASTIC! We’re talking friendship bracelets, masks, wooden spinning tops, key rings, stickers, seeds and more. They’re also beautifully packaged with everything taken care of so you can concentrate on other things on your child’s special day.

“As a busy mum raising three daughters I have always struggled to find party bags filled with lovely keepsake items,” Bags of Fun clever founder Erica Hacker explains, adding that these bags are also brilliant for keeping kids occupied at weddings or on long-haul flights.

“The market is flooded with plastic so I was desperate to find a much more environmentally friendly and engaging alternative. This is where the idea of creating Bags of Fun came about.”

Brilliant move, Erica! We love your work (and know the small children we know will love it too!)

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