How to throw a magical fairy-themed birthday party

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Know a little girl (or boy) who wishes they had wings and could hang out on toadstools with pixies?

Yes? Then you can make their dream come true by throwing a magical fairy party for their next birthday!

Here are some enchanting ideas to give you inspiration.

Set the scene

Create an atmosphere of magic by transforming your backyard into an enchanted wood. Think hanging lanterns from trees, ribbons dangling from branches, flower garlands, stepping stones that could be chalked in pretty colours and garden nooks that are perfect for setting up a party table in.



Create some arrival magic

Gift little party goers a set of fairy wings to wear at the party (and take home!) by attaching these to the fence or a tree when they first walk in. 

Fairy food

Keep your party food on theme by making it fairy-friendly – pretty cachous-coated marshmallows flowers, cute toadstool cupcakesfairy bread ‘sushi’ and fruit threaded onto skewers to make fruit wands are a few ideas.


fairy party


fairy wands

Fairy fun

There is so much magical fun you can have at a fairy party. You could play old-fashioned streamer maypole, set up a craft table with sparkly bits and bobs to make magical wands, have a fairy tea party in the garden or paint fairy houses (pick these up from craft stores). You could also draw a fairy on some card and play ‘pin the wand on the fairy’ (instead of the tail on the donkey).


fairy party

fairy party


Enchanting cakes

No fairy party, or any party for that matter, is complete without a gorgeous cake. If you are a cake artist, then you could have fun replicating this amazing fondant toadstool fairy house cake. If not, then you could always make or buy a simple single layer cake and decorate it with flowers from the garden. Add a cute stick bunting too!

Fairy party cake - pinterest image

Flower cake for fairy party -pinterest image

Fairy party favours

For favours, forget lolly bags and go for something a little more special. Pour some glitter into cute jars or glass vials (which you can buy from discount stores or craft supply shops) and label them ‘fairy dust’. Your little guests will also have their wings to take home! 

Fairy glitter dust for fairy party - pinterest image

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