“Get her away!” Tom Williams’ daughter’s party went hilariously wrong

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The Daily Edition’s Tom Williams and wife Rachel Gilbert threw a party for their 3-year-old daughter Storm over the weekend, and let’s just say things did not end well.


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Peppa Pig Partygeddon

Sometimes the best laid Pinterest plans are waylaid by an emotional preschooler and a clunky pig, despite your best efforts. It seemed like this party was going to go off like a frog in a sock. Sadly it wasn’t to be.

Speaking to Fitzy and Wippa on the radio yesterday, Tom explained that he and Rachel thought having a life-sized Peppa Pig character at their daughter’s shindig would prove delightful to the little partygoers.

Peppa is Storm’s favourite character, so it was a total no-brainer, as far as the couple were concerned.

Rachel excitedly sourced a (slightly lost-in-translation) Peppa costume from a very, very far away outer-suburb and organised for a friend to dress up and bring it, Peppa-style.

This is when things began to go pear shaped.



I can’t believe it’s not Peppa

The (barely recognisable) Peppa lumbered across the park, being led triumphantly by Rachel’s cousin.

Storm clapped eyes on “Peppa” (and we use that term very loosely) and started… screaming. In terror. It was a delight-free zone.

“Don’t let her come near my party!!” Storm shrieked.

“Get her away!” wailed the other children.

“Look mate, I don’t think it’s working out with Peppa, she’s frightening the children,” the other kindy parents cautioned.

Rachel quickly whisked the distraught birthday girl away, as Peppa gave a single wave and headed back to her Range Rover to make a getaway.

In hindsight, Tom thought the warning signs where there.

“She did look a little bit off,” Tom admitted sadly.



Light my fire?

Unfortunately, things were slow to improve. They soldiered on and made plans to cheer Storm up with her birthday cake and a rousing round of Happy Birthday To You.

Tom and Rachel (still shattered from the harrowing Not-Quite-Peppa-experience) realised they didn’t have any way of lighting the sparkler they’d so cleverly sourced.

No quitter when faced with a challenge, Tom canvassed the other folk at the park, borrowing one from some far-flung neighbours who insisted he couldn’t take it back to the cake (because it cost $1.29. Guys! Sheesh!)

Rising to the challenge, Tom lit the sparkler and made a run for the very-far-away cake, Chariots of Fire-style.

Across the park he sprinted, dad on a mission, valiantly making it back to the party and spearing sparkler into cake… just as it went out.

Ugh. Dang. We’ve all been there.

Still, we’re certain that Storm had a memorable and lovely birthday regardless. We’re giving Rachel and Tom an A+ for effort. “Peppa Pig” gets a big fat zero. #PeppaBad

Click play to listen to Tom tell the PartyGeddon story his way.

Happy Birthday, Storm!




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