The retro party foods all Aussie kids need at their birthdays

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Why spend several hours slaving in the kitchen for your child’s birthday only to have the food destroyed in ten minutes? Take back your weekend with these delightfully simple, retro Aussie treats that all children need at their birthday celebrations.

Chia seeds are not invited.

Birthday parties are a lavish affair these days. And we at Babyology absolutely love over-the-top parties. In fact, we thrive on them. But, for every lavish birthday party we feature on our site, there are countless backyard birthday parties that are equally as fun without the costs or the complications.

Here are the party foods every Aussie kid should have.

Warning:  This post is not allergy-friendly and it is most certainly not sugar free, so look away now if that bothers you or check out some allergy-friendly tips for birthday parties.

1. Fairy bread

fairy bread sl

Bread. Butter. Hundreds and thousands. And that’s literally it. Yet it has to be one of the most popular plates on the birthday menu. And it costs all of $5 to make. Winning.

You can go extra fancy by rolling the bread into sushi rolls or using shaped cookie cutters to transform your fairy bread into butterflies, people or stars. But do not even think about using wholemeal or multigrain bread instead or you’ll have a mutiny on your hands.

2. Chocolate crackles


Another tasty treat that needs no introduction, chocolate crackles are a simple combination of cocoa, rice bubbles and copha (pretty much the only thing copha is actually used for).

Some mums like to use melted chocolate instead and you can throw in a few fistfuls of dessicated coconut. Our editor Nikki added a few colourful stars to highlight her son’s circus-themed party (pictured above), but that’s a little bit too fancy for me.

3. Sausage rolls and party pies


Tomato sauce must be served on the side. This is a must. Bonus points if you serve cocktail franks – aka little boys – as well.

The sausage rolls above are deceptively simple (and, don’t tell, but a wee bit healthy too). Or, you can do what I do and head to the freezer section at your local grocery store.

That works too.

4. Cheezels


A ring of corn and rice coated by artificial orange cheese. Seriously, it doesn’t get any better. Well, for kids at least.

5. A big bowl of mixed lollies

lollies sl

Finally, complete your tower of tasty tucker with a big bowl of sugary sweets. Simply tear the lollies out of the plastic, pour into a bowl and serve. There is only one rule – musk sticks, bananas, freckles and milk bottles must be in there. Bonus points for teeth and ice-creams.

See, who said birthday party catering had to be intense? Add a bowl of Shapes, a few plastic cups of jelly, a pack of Wagon Wheels and a plate of lamingtons and you’ve got yourself the perfect party spread.


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