Roxy Jacenko’s Christmas tree is AMAZING, but people are not happy Jan!

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Roxy Jacenko had a stylist come over and decorate her Christmas tree. It’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but some people are not happy.

Here’s what’s gone down.

Christmas tree goals

The Sweaty Betty PR queen and mum of two, Roxy shared this pic of her gorgeous tree with her 226,000 followers.

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Home to my dream Christmas Tree – @cravewares you have absolutely blown my mind and hit the brief to perfection ?

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The caption reads:

“Home to my dream Christmas Tree – @cravewares you have absolutely blown my mind and hit the brief to perfection ?”

Stunning and picture perfect

The magazine-worthy Christmas tree was styled by the talented folk at Sydney’s Eastern suburbs homewares boutique, Crave Wares, in Bellevue Hill.

And it is AMAZING! Those flowers! The soft silver and pale gold colour pallet! Not to mention the subtle frosting of snow tipping the tree’s nettles. I mean, it’s just magical!  

But while Roxy’s pic is receiving lots of “Oh man, this tree is AMAZING!” and “I have to up my tree game!” comments, one person wasn’t on board with her outsourcing the whole Christmas tree decorating thing (and we know, who knew you could even do that?!).

Don’t you do ANYTHING yourself?

“So do you ever do anything yourself? Like maybe put up a tree as a family together? @roxyjacenko” the person said.

To which Roxy responded, “Didn’t your mummy ever teach you if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing? ??”

Some people also wondered if Roxy’s kids minded not being a part of the tree decorating this year.

“What a gorgeous tree! ? Do Pixie and Hunter hang their hand-made decorations on it too!? ?” asked one.

“Nothing beats letting my 6-year-old pick all the decorations at Kmart and then the kids decorate the tree with Santa hats while we watch The Grinch!!” added another.

A few people jumped to Roxy’s defence though: 

“Looks absolutely beautiful. And @roxyjacenko if I could get somebody to do my tree as beautiful as yours I would too,” said one.

“GOODNESS ME!!! If I didn’t have to put my own tree up I wouldn’t either, why does it even matter?” added another. 

What a stylist could never bring to my Christmas tree

Now, personally, I am a bit on the fence with the whole Christmas tree decorating outsourcing thing. It feels very lux, but then I am all for mums doing whatever they need to do to make their lives more manageable, and if that includes outsourcing where we can/afford to, then go for it!

But I also just decorated my Christmas tree with my two sons and it was such a nice thing to do as a family.

Our tree sure doesn’t look like Roxy’s but I actually prefer it.

Most of our tree decorations are low hanging because my kids couldn’t reach up high. Tinsel is thrown, not strategically placed to look perfect. There are also lots of handmade decorations too – like my five-year-old’s handprints and my three-year-old’s paper baubles that he made at kindy.

Handprint Christmas decoration

There is even a cardboard Rudolph which my brother made when HE was a kid that we put on the tree every year. For us, the Christmas tree isn’t decorated until Rudolph is there, along with all the baubles that my space-obsessed son delights in pretending are planets.

These are the things that a stylist could never bring to my tree.

That said, I do wish I could outsource packing the damn thing away when I am left untangling Christmas lights come February! 

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