Apparently the Queen will NEVER say this Meghan-inspired word

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Oh Queenie. Look, you don’t get to be the Queen of England for eleventy billion years without knowing what you will and won’t stand for.

In the pudding club

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are expecting their first child in the UK’s Spring and it seems that discussing this news with the reigning monarch might prove a little awkward.

An old US Weekly column about the Queen’s pet peeves has revealed that one particular word is on her no-go list. And that word is … PREGNANT.

“Her Majesty finds the term ‘vulgar’ says a Palace source,” the article asserts. “She refers to expectant women as ‘in the family way’.”

The Queen's Pet Peeves

Other possible non-pregnant pregnant descriptions the Queen might try using when she talks about Meghan or is bonding with the first-time mum-to-be include …

  • Bun in the oven
  • Up the duff
  • Eating for two
  • Expecting
  • Knocked up
  • Baking a baby
  • Harbouring a fugitive
  • Smuggling a watermelon
  • Preggo
  • Preggers
  • With child … and our personal favourite
  • In the pudding club

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Go away, babies

The Queen also revealed that she’s got some other thoughts for parents and parents-to-be … and that they’re about babies too.

“No high chairs, please. Children … have no place at her table until they learn proper manners,” the US Weekly piece says.

It seems that – according to this article – clinking ice cubes also give her the willies and honestly same-same. #Shudder

So what kinds of things does the Queen like, you might be wondering. She likes booze. She likes baubles, especially when they are attached to her grandchildren. And she likes Land Rovers and horses and corgis, of course.



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