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While COVID restrictions have prevented us from hosting our hugely popular in-person events, we’ve found another way to celebrate! It’s our annual Baby Shower, only this time, we’re focusing on those precious early weeks with your bub, and it’s all online – and FREE!

This year, so many mums have had to go on their pregnancy journeys alone, without the usual support from their village of people.

At Babyology, we wanted to offer a convenient way for parents and parents-to-be to learn all about the transition from pregnancy to parenthood, by gathering our beloved experts to create a FREE online experience that runs over three weeks!

We’re calling it …

The Fourth Trimester: How to thrive in the early weeks

An informative and fun festival in partnership with the good folks at Big W, the Bump and Baby Online Event is full of postnatal tips, tricks and LIVE advice from our wonderful Parent School experts. And let’s not forget the FREE newborn care and routine guide for all participants AND a $500 nursery giftcard giveaway for one lucky attendee! And all from the comfort of your couch.

Each expert Q&A event is live on Facebook, which means you can ask any question you like and have it answered by one of our fantastic experts. To submit your questions ahead of each live, post them in the Bump & Baby Online Event group on Facebook! Don’t forget to invite your preggy and new mum friends so they can submit their questions too. 

Here’s what our timetable will look like:

Session 1: Bringing baby home with mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue

  • Date: Wednesday 10th November
  • Location: Facebook
  • Time: 8:15pm

Chris talks through what you’ll need to know in the first weeks with your new baby. In this session she’ll cover baby care, sleep, feeding and how your baby’s needs change over the first 6–12 weeks. She’ll cover what’s involved in baby check-up appointments and why you need to check in with your mothercraft nurse. Chris will also talk about how to recognise the signs that you need help and how to access support if you need it.

Session 2: Setting up the nursery with Chris Minogue

  • Date: Friday 12th November
  • Location: Facebook
  • Time: 11.30am

See a nursery set up live! Chris Minogue joins us again to take you through the key items you’ll need to set up your nursery, including how to set up your space to accommodate middle of the night feeds, and what to consider when it comes to room lighting, soothing sounds and more.

Session 3: What to expect in the newborn days with registered nurse Hannah Wallace

  • Date: Wednesday 17th November
  • Location: Facebook
  • Time: 8:15pm

Hannah explains how to set yourself up to give you the best possible chance to bond and enjoy this time with your baby. She’ll talk through the practical realities of life with a new baby, such as how to manage meals, cleaning, pets, groceries, work, leave, breastfeeding and sleep.

She’ll also cover the impact of birth on your body and the importance of allowing time to heal as your body goes through the recovery process.

Hannah will discuss how and when to ask for support from the people in your life, when to start thinking about getting out and about, and how to maintain your support network and relationships during this time of transition.

Session 4: Gear you need to get out and about with Chris Minogue

  • Date: Friday 19th November
  • Location: Facebook
  • Time: 11.30am

If you’re having your first baby or it’s been a minute since you parented a newborn, it can be helpful to get tips on what you are going to need to get out and about.

In this session, Chris runs you through the things you’ll need to leave the house with your baby, including what you need in the nappy bag, when you can start using a baby carrier, what kind of pram or stroller you should you use first, and when to change from a bassinet to an upright seat. Chris will also offer ‘first outing’ ideas to help you get comfortable with getting out and about with your baby.

Session 5: Pregnant to parent: The emotional transition into parenthood with obstetrics social worker and parent educator Genevieve Muir

  • Date: Wednesday 24th November
  • Location: Facebook
  • Time: 8:15pm

Gen explores the myriad of mental and emotional changes that occur during the transition from pregnancy to new parenthood. She’ll discuss what you can do to get mentally prepared for the shift and offer tips on setting boundaries, self-care and more.

In this session Gen will cover connection and attachment in the first year, how to get your relationship off to a fantastic start, and what to do with information overload! Gen will also discuss why it’s so hard for new parents to hear their baby cry, the age at which crying peaks, and how to manage our own emotions around this.

Session 6: Baby sleep Q&A with sleep expert Jo Ryan PLUS $500 Nursery gift voucher prize draw!

  • Date: Thursday 25th November
  • Location: Facebook
  • Time: 8.15pm

Baby sleep guru, Jo Ryan will be taking your questions and discussing the ins and outs of new baby sleep. Plus, we will be announcing the winner of our BIG W $500 Nursery gift voucher so you can start creating your dream nursery!

Get updates and attend the live Q&A events by joining the Bump and Baby event group online right here.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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