5 ways to still enjoy a baby shower in a pandemic

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Maybe you knew when you fell pregnant that there would be no ‘normal’ baby shower. Or maybe, you had it all planned out and then, when the Delta variant hit in June, and June turned into July, August and then September, your hopes for a big celebration were dashed.

Well, fret not Mama! There are a few creative ways around the lockdown dilemma to ensure you can still enjoy this important (and wonderful!) rite of passage while keeping the vulnerable people in your inner circle safe.

Below are five ways to throw a baby shower while you’re adhering to COVID restrictions.

1. The picnic

Restrictions across states have begun to ease, which means picnics are now going strong. And while an outdoor gathering might seem a little bit different to what you had planned, think of it this way: there’s no washing up if you go with disposable picnic-ware! There’s also plenty of space for kids to run around, which means other parents don’t have to spend half the day telling them not to touch stuff in your house.

Plus, if you have to limit your numbers, it’s the perfect excuse not to invite that miserable, distant relative. Just your mum, sister(s), a couple of besties and their partners, and you’re done. Grab some shiny balloon bouquets, a charcuterie board or two, some cupcakes and champagne for your guests – just don’t forget to find a place with adequate seating, or be sure to bring your own.

2. The virtual catch-up

This is perfect if you have family members or friends currently living interstate, or if you’re concerned about kids who have returned to school but are, as yet, unvaccinated.

If you’re the friend or the family member, you can order or send all the decorations to the mum-to-be so she can have a fantastic backdrop – gold glitter walls are totally over-the-top and therefore, perfect! Next, send out online invitations with details on how you’ll all be able to dial in via a video conferencing platform. You can go with good old Zoom or try WhatsApp or FaceTime. Have cupcakes and cocktails/mocktails delivered an hour or so before, to make it feel like a proper party. Then, get ready to kick back from the comfort of your lounge room.

This is also the perfect shower to hold at night so you can really let your virtual guests enjoy those mocktails and play some of the cheekier games like Labour or Lust, where you have to look at photos of a woman’s face and guess if she is having a good time in the bedroom or a bad time in labour.

3. The online event

You execute this in almost exactly the same way you would the virtual catch-up, with one extra detail: you’re all tuned in to an online event as you celebrate together.

And lucky for you, Babyology is holding a free online event that kicks off on November 10 and goes for three weeks! It’s focused squarely on the Fourth Trimester, giving you all the information you need from our team of experts about what to expect and how to thrive during those first few blurry months your baby is Earthside. You’ll also get a FREE Baby Care Guide and a chance to WIN a $500 nursery gift voucher! Invite a couple of friends over, make it a thing!

4. The drive-by

This is beneficial if someone in your family is either sick, frail, immune-compromised or has been in isolation. It also works if you want to invite lots of little kids – this way, there is no need for physical contact! Set yourself up outside your house, grab those balloons, along with streamers and a banner that says ‘NOBODY PUTS THIS BABY IN A CORNER’, get the music pumping and ask your friends and relatives to drive by or drop off their gifts. In exchange, they can receive specially made cookies or cakes to take home.

5. The ‘pod’

As restrictions have eased, so too has the limit on visitors to your home. Right now, if you live in NSW or South Australia and you’re fully vaccinated, you’re allowed up to 20 guests in your house, (not including kids). If you live in Victoria, that number is currently ten. So take advantage of the intimacy and use this time to host a postpartum party. Plenty of great food and drink (and gifts), but also a focus on how and when Mama will be supported by her nearest and dearest. Make sure your partner is there too, so they can be fully informed. That might mean drawing up meal schedules, pram outings, housework or babysitting duties. Anything and everything that might help support the new mum.


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