I wish there had been a Sydney Baby Shower when I was a new mum!

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The Sydney Babyology Baby Shower presented by Nurofen for Children is on once again this Sunday 23 June, so if you’re after an afternoon of fun, friendship and incredible prizes, book your ticket now. The 11.30am session sold out in a flash, but there are still a few spots for the 2.45pm session, so be quick or you will miss out.

There was no such event when I was pregnant with my first child, but I wish there had been. What better way to spend an afternoon than catching up with friends and meeting new people in a supportive and glamorous environment? Not to mention winning prizes, receiving great gifts and enjoying delicious food! Quite frankly it doesn’t get better than that!

Meeting other mums

I would have dearly loved to meet other pregnant or new mums when I was expecting. Those initial few weeks of motherhood were somewhat overwhelming and any chance to widen my network and support system would have been most welcome. The Sydney Babyology Baby Shower gives you the opportunity to not only to celebrate the arrival of your baby, but to also share it with other like-minded people in supportive, baby-friendly surrounds.

I also remember getting together with my mothers’ group during those early days, trying to find safe and suitable outings for us and our babies. I have no doubt we would have jumped at the chance to attend such an amazing event.

High tea, anyone?

Is there any better way to spend your time than enjoying a sumptuous high tea with friends? I don’t know about you, but by the end of my pregnancy and during those early newborn days, sweet treats and tasty snacks were high on my list of priorities. And to have it all prepared for me? Well, that would have been the icing on my cupcake.

Expert guidance

When my baby arrived, I had so many questions. I was like a sponge, gratefully soaking up any information that came my way. The Sydney Babyology Baby Shower gives you the opportunity to hear from wonderful mothercraft nurse, Chris Minogue and share information with other mums. This alone is worth booking a ticket on the spot! As I say, it would have been enormously beneficial for me. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Fabulous giveaways

I have to say I love a giftbag! That alone would have enticed me to such an event. Particularly this year, with such beautiful bags valued at over $250, crammed with so many essential and exciting items for new parents and their babies:

Not only does everyone receive this very generous swag bag, but there are also over $10,000 worth of prizes to give away on the day. Someone’s got to win and it may as well be you!

So don’t miss out, like I did. The next few months are going to be busy, so to take the time to enjoy yourself now, learn some valuable information and simply enjoy a relaxing, inspiring and highly entertaining afternoon with friends.

Trust me, a few months from now, you’ll wish you did!

Last tickets are still available for Sydney here!

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