Kids rule the roost when it comes to THESE spending decisions

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If you think children should be seen and not heard when it comes to how the family spends their money, you’ll be miffed to know they have plenty of sway at the checkout. (You also you might be a creaky ol’ dinosaur with your attitudes, buddy!)

Pester power?

A new survey by Roy Morgan has revealed a little bit more about kids and finances, and showed that kids are weighing in on some important stuff down at the shops.

The Roy Morgan Young Australian Survey tells us that children are most likely to call the shots when it comes to very important things such as – breakfast cereals, spreads like peanut butter and jam, shoes and sweets. 

Don’t worry though, because the kids canvassed didn’t get to rule the roost on every domestic choice. The survey found that the decisions kids have the least say in were things like dinner choices, vegetables they ate, mobile phones and cosmetics.

That’s all a bit cute and Vegemite-y right? But then the figures take a different turn and it’s looking a bit unfair for girls.

Peanut butter and jam

Girls are good earners and great savers

The survey revealed girls receive more pocket money for doing chores around the house (is this because they are simply doing more work around the home, eh?!) AND that while lots of kids are keen to save, girls were a little bit more inclined to tuck away their pennies for a rainy day.

That said, the boys were close behind – and those who did save, saved a little more.

“Nearly 77 percent of kids aged 6-13 have money saved up … 79 percent of girls have savings, compared to 75 percent of boys. However, boys on average have an extra $11 saved compared to girls,” the Roy Morgan folk say.

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Boys receive more money as gifts

Interestingly, while hard-working girls are earning more pocket money, they’re receiving less funds when it comes to the old dollar bills in the birthday card situation.  Ba-bow. * insert sad face *

“On average boys are receiving more for birthdays, Christmas, and gifts from relatives. Whether girls need to write an angry complaint to Santa or not, they should be proud of the fact that more of them are saving than boys, which will hold them in good stead for the future and make them able to purchase the items and toys they truly desire,” Roy Morgan CEO, Michele Levine, said.

Sigh. An angry complaint sounds awesome, but seriously, grannies and uncles and the like – get it together and gift equitably please! We’d also really love to know more about the division of labour amongst kids in the home, because it’s looking a lot like girls are doing more.


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