Nap spas are the big new thing in wellness, so sign us up

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Finally, someone has tapped into what mums and dads really want, launching the latest wellness trend – the nap hotel!

Hold the treatments and give us a nap, stat

As brilliant as massage and treatment-serving spa services are, who hasn’t wanted to doze off and catch forty winks far from sticky little fingers and cries of ‘Muuuu-uuuuu-hhhhmmmmm!’?!

“New York and Los Angeles are already adopting the trend, and nap facilities like Nap York and Spa Lé La are getting major press for being popular luxury nap destinations,” Yahoo reports.

And what exactly does a luxury nap encompass, we hear you wonder? Well, LA’s  Spa Lé La founder Trina Renea says there are flaxseed pillows involved. FLAXSEED PILLOWS, y’all!

“We created a special nap room with a cosy, comfortable, warm bed, a weighted sleep blanket, soft sheets, comforter and pillow, and warm flaxseed pillows. Our world is all about self-care right now, so I am hoping that people will catch on and incorporate it into their lives more.”

Nap to it!

If you’re wondering why a ‘nap hotel’ is even a thing that we need, you might not be a parent. Mums and dads know that having a nap is either the official signal for your child to push the cat into the dishwasher – or else it’s an invitation for them to tap you on the forehead 142 times as they ‘nap’ beside you. Neither is ideal.

Much better to slink off to a dedicated nap heaven, where you can snuggle down (with your flaxseed pillow) and doze off.

Spa Lé La charges $40 for a 25-minute nap and the best bit is it includes childcare. It seems a small price to pay for some sanity-saving time and granted you might need a double session to really relax and feel the benefits but it’s something we reckon we could totally get used to! (Also sign us up for this amazing prenatal bath!)

Sadly, we couldn’t find any dedicated nap spas in Australia, but knowing the local enthusiasm for all things wellness, they can’t be far away. Stay tuned! (Or let us know if you know of one?)

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