Mums gone wild: 8 reasons why holidays with your mum gal pals are the BOMB

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I love my family and the holidays we have together but nothing (yep NOTHING!) comes close to a trip away with just your mum mates. I recently came back from Bali with ten girlfriends and here are eight reminders why it was the most awesome vacation a mum can have.

1. So many planners

Usually, it’s just up to us to organise a holiday away right? So researching hotels and deals, booking flights, getting travel insurance, renewing passports, doing an itinerary and everything else involved. But not when you have a team of super excited (and super organised) mums on board to share the load! (In our case one of us actually took the lead too, which made it even easier!)

2. Only you to pack for

Once again, it’s usually mum’s job to pack for the whole family which can take AGES – especially when you also need to do washing before you go. And if you have babies and toddlers which need SO much stuff. When it’s just you heading off though it’s easy breezy! Just throw in whatever you want, or better yet take only the bare essentials and buy everything when you get there!

woman relaxing on plane

3. Flight fantastic

No children to fly with on the plane – yeeha! No in-air vomits, poo accidents, tantrums, lost toys and children sleeping on your lap. Just you and your mates, sipping back on vino, watching movies, chit chatting and reading books. The miles literally flew.

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4. The kids are alright

Holidays with the kids can be challenging. And ones with the hubby are lovely but take a lot of childcare organising, plus you worry the whole time. But with your partner on deck back home, you know the kids are in good hands (particularly if they have help from family members).

5. Catch up central

Imagine being able to have a proper conversation with your girlfriends without being interrupted by a child? Or having drinks with your mates without watching the clock to make sure you’re back home for the babysitter or to reduce the chances of a hangover (given the chances of a sleep-in are zero)? A mum holiday turns this dream into a reality! You’ll find out so much about what’s really going on in each other’s lives, talk through all your parenting problems in detail, and banter about all the latest Netflix shows and celebrity gossip.

6. Girl stuff

When you’re away with your girlfriends there is no one to make you feel guilty about having too many massages or hitting the shops hard. Most men aren’t down with a lot of that action so it’s kept to a minimum. However, on our trip … we all had two to three pamper treatments A DAY, numerous shopping outings, so many relaxed cafe and restaurant meals, plenty of cocktails, lazy poolside reading and chatting, and even dancing to cheesy tunes.

Woman reading in hammock

7. Solo vibes

When was the last time you slept in a large bed with fresh sheets and fluffy pillows completely SOLO?! That’s right, no snoring husband next to you or mini midnight visitors with night terrors or runny noses. Every day we could do whatever we wanted, without factoring in anyone else. Sure there was a loose agenda in place but if someone wanted to do something else (like have an afternoon siesta or go for that fourth massage), they just did it! No fetching things, cooking or cleaning up for anyone else either – bliss!

8. Mums understand and care

Because we’re all mums we knew how much we all needed this break and looked after one another on the trip. I was unlucky enough to be unwell for most of the trip (don’t worry I still had a flipping ace time) and all of my friends pulled out their medical and vitamin supplies, offered advice and more – where else are you going to get help like that?! We even had a pregnant mama with us on well who was well looked after too. Plus we all had to Facetime back home, buy gifts for the family and knew what we all needed each day which made it so relaxed and fun.

Mums for the win 

So yep, sorry husband. Sorry kids. But when it comes to holidays I’ll take a bunch of mums with me ANY day. Girls, I think it’s time to start planning the next trip … seriously.

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