Kinderling Kids Radio & Qantas launch new inflight channels for tiny travellers

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Flying with children can be really challenging. It’s so hard to keep them entertained and it can also create a lot of anxiety for some little jet-setters, which is why Kinderling Kids Radio and Qantas have now partnered up to launch three brand new kids’ radio channels exclusively for domestic and international flights in time for the Christmas holidays.

Take off with radio

Most parents opt for an iPad or another screen device when it’s time to board a plane with children. While this may keep them occupied for a little while it can also end up creating more problems when batteries run out, it gets dropped or broken, technology issues cause glitches in games, or siblings fight over whose turn it is.

Excessive screen watching and interactive games can also create over stimulation and lead to more tantrums and poor behaviour, which is exactly what you’re trying to avoid when you’re confined to a small space high up in the air. With inflight radio however, it allows children to simply sit and listen rather than just watch. Whether they’re wanting to have fun and be entertained or require some help heading off to sleep – Kinderling’s new radio channels for Qantas flights cater for all moods.

Ready, Jet, Go!

The first radio channel is Ready, Jet, Go! hosted by popular children’s entertainer, Groovy Ruby. It’ll take your kids on a supersonic adventure with awesome songs, jokes, activities and stories with some of Australia‚Äôs top artists including Angie Who, Benny Time, Big Block Singsong and more.

Kinderling Qantas 2

Settle Petal

The second channel, Settle Petal, is perfect for calming little ones who might be nervous or over excited about flying and need help settling down once you’re into the flight. Filled with gentle tunes from The Muppets, Johnny Cash, Taron Egerton, Justine Clarke and more; it creates the ultimate headphone chill-zone for kids.

Sleepy Soundtrack

Getting kids to sleep on a plane can be really tricky so parents need all the help they can get. Sleepy Soundtrack is the third new channel and plays gentle ambient tunes to help your little ones (or yourself!) drift into sweet dreams. It features Gentleforce, Max Richter, Finding Dory and more.

Summer holidays here we come

Christmas and the summer break is a peak time when families may be travelling by plane to visit family interstate or overseas, or going on a fun filled family vacation. The new Kinderling Kids Radio channels have launched just in time to help these travelling families have a smoother flight.

“We created these three channels for Qantas so that the youngest flyers can have something to occupy their minds, calm their nerves and help them get to sleep in what is often a completely alien environment,” says Lorna Clarkson, Managing Director of Kinderling Kids Radio.

“We also created them to help give parents a well-earned break!”

Thank goodness for that! Kinderling Kids Radio is available now on selected Qantas domestic and international routes. On solid ground, Kinderling Kids Radio is available to download as an Apple or Android app, on digital radio and online via

Do you have trouble occupying or settling your kids on long flights?



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