Have baby, will travel – 7 reasons to holiday while your kids are young

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Here’s the thing about the travel bug – once you’re bitten, it’s very hard to tame your wanderlust. We often think having kids means pressing pause on our travel dreams, but really it just means seeking out destinations that make family holidays not just a possibility, but a pleasure. 

The baby and toddler years are ones of intense development and they’re a whole heap of fun! That’s why travelling with young children is such a brilliant experience – they’re ready to explore and learn, and what better way to help them soar than by giving them their travel wings?

Here are our top seven reasons you should join the jet-set with your young family – and some incredible places to visit.

1. No need to plan for school holidays

Once your children hit school, you’re locked into years of holidaying when every other family with school-aged children is holidaying. It means fighting to get peak-season accommodation, attractions overrun with tourists and often paying a premium for airfares and rooms.

Those few, precious years when your children aren’t chained to school timetables or sports are like gold – use them wisely to explore the world!

Rear view of parents swinging little boy at beach

2. Plane trips can be a snooze

Older children tend to need quite a bit of entertaining when they’re confined to an area for any length of time. Babies and toddlers, on the other hand, are still indulging in several naps (hopefully), which should see your flight time fly by! We’ve previously explored ways to make plane travel with children easier, and there are several major carriers which boast all manner of kid-travel help – even in-flight nannies!

Try to plan your flights for times your child would normally be sleeping, and even if they do get fussy, flight attendants love babies – you won’t have any shortage of helpers on board!

3. Young children love to explore!

Babies and toddlers are inquisitive little beings and taking a young child to a whole new country – well, that’s just a sensory smorgasbord! Feed their natural curiosity by giving them new sights, sounds and tastes. One of the most beautiful and enriching family holidays destinations is Phuket.


The spectacular beaches are a drawcard, as are the two incredible, family-friendly resorts at Sunwing Kamala Beach and Sunwing Bangtao Beach (which has just reopened after extensive renovations!). Nestled in Phuket’s most picturesque bays, these quiet havens are perfect to explore, swim and soak up the sun.

Think about how enthralled your baby and toddler is at each new experience – touching sand for the first time, seeing an animal they’ve never seen before. The world is a whole new place through a child’s eyes.

4. Locals love young travellers!

When journeying to a country like Thailand with small children, you’ll realise just how much the friendly locals adore little travellers. They will lavish your babies and toddlers with attention – and that stretches to the family friendly resorts. 

Sunwing resort

In fact, both Sunwing Resorts have specially-designed rooms which include pretty much everything you need for young children – so there’s no need to lug extra gear onto a plane. The Sunwing Happy Baby Studios are equipped with a cot, high chair, stroller, play mat, baby resting chair, children’s crockery and cutlery, a baby bathtub, non-slip bath mat, a handy bathroom stool, plastic potty and safety drawer locks. The rooms are always located on the ground level, with an enclosed terrace and lockable gate. Sunwing has basically thought of everything so you can relax with your little ones.

The ultra spacious rooms are large enough to accommodate two adults and two kids. If you’re travelling with older children, there’s also a range of other accommodation options available, including two bedroom family suites.

5. Resorts for the young, and young-at-heart!

Most resorts love to roll out the red carpet for their guests, and that includes creating facilities that make your stay something really special. You’re getting great bang for your buck if you travel to these destinations with a young family, as you’ll all get the chance to indulge in some child-sized fun!


Both Sunwing resorts have designed an incredible children’s activity program, and most of these involve the parents – so they’re a great way to engage as a family. Sunwing Resorts also have two adorable mascots – Lollo the Giraffe and Bernie the Bear – who roam the facilities and engage with the children as part of the activities.


Sunwing Resorts’ playground and playhouse – Lollo and Bernie’s Mini Land –  is open every day and sits just near the pool, so you can watch the kids play while you relax.

To top it off, the two Sunwing Resorts have 13 pools between them – including multiple waterslides. Now there’s a family enrichment activity!


If you’re keen for a little quality time away from the kids, of course this is easily done at many resorts. Sunwing offers scheduled activities for the kids including treasure hunts, face painting and magic shows. Your children won’t even have time to miss you! Have a look at the resort at Sunwing Bangtao Beach to whet your appetite:

6. Resorts cater for young families

Parents with young ones are sometimes put off travelling by the fear that their children won’t take to their new surroundings, particularly new tastes. While part of the thrill of travel is indulging in the cuisine of other cultures, for toddlers this can be a bit hard to swallow. Sunwing Resorts have ensured that young children are taken care of when it comes to the menu – and they even cater for kids with allergies.


And meals won’t break the bank at Sunwing – children under the age of 11 eat main courses for free when eating in at the restaurants with a paying adult.

7. Travelling while the kids are young is affordable

We’ve already mentioned that travelling outside of school holidays will mean a much cheaper holiday – as will travelling while the kids are still young. Rooms at the Sunwing resorts start at just $116 – and when you consider young children can also eat their main meals for free, it becomes an even more attractive holiday option!

As you can see, there’s really no reason to put a halt to family holidays just because your children are young. Check out just what your next holiday could be like at Sunwing Kamala Beach or Sunwing Bangtao Beach, and get those super-cute passport photos sorted. Your children will be all the richer for it!

(This is a sponsored post for Sunwing Resorts)


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