A sunshine-filled island of floating unicorns exists and take us there now

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As we find ourselves deeply entrenched in autumn and looking down the barrel of the winter of 2018, let’s take a moment to consider this “wish we were here” moment …

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Color your summer here ? #inflatableislandph

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Straight to the bucket list!

Yes there is an island in the Phillipines stocked with sunny days, pastel pool toys, pretty pink beanbags and candy-coloured umbrellas as far as the eye can see – and we’re NOT EVEN KIDDING about any of this!

The very literally named Inflatable Island is apparently the “biggest floating playground in Asia”. We didn’t even know we wanted to go to a floating playground until now, so the idea of experiencing the biggest and the best is almost too exciting to ponder. We’re breathing into a paper bag right now, in fact.

Inflatable Island is chock full of blow-up slides, towers, bridges, floaty toys, human launchers (oh my god) and swings. It’s located in the Zambales region of the Phillipines, at the Samba Bluewater Resort.

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Say hi to BABA! ?? #InflatableIslandPH

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We have unicorns & rainbows ? ? @daryllcs

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The Rainbow Walk

Within Inflatable Island’s playground is the even more magical Unicorn Island. Unicorn Island features a giant blow-up killer whale (confusingly called Climby the Sea Unicorn) as well as a delightful floating Rainbow Walk, with a Wavy Dinosaur thrown in for good measure. #Swoon.

A beach – complete with lounge area where you can order fancy drinks and fries and pizza and things – leads down to the floating playground. Unicorn Island sits amidst the splendour of it all.

Before you ask, yes KIDS ARE ALLOWED! They just need to be supervised by an adult. You can also book a party, for bigger groups, in case you just realised you need to have your next grown-up big birthday party here.

You know … we can’t even believe you’ve read down this far, and haven’t clicked over to book your gang’s tickets to unicorn paradise, already!


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