8 foolproof tips for the perfect babymoon

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The idea of a babymoon sounds like bliss but let’s face it, if you manage to make one happen it’s usually not the super-relaxing, fun or romantic getaway you had in mind. With a little forethought and planning though, babymoons can still be amazing.

Here are eight tips to help make it happen.

1. Don’t leave it too late

It might be tempting to go away when you’re close to your due date and potentially already on maternity leave, but trust us this isn’t a good idea. First, your destination options are limited as women aren’t able to fly when they’re too far along in their pregnancy. You also want to be close to medical assistance in case you go into labour. Second, when you’re near or full-term, chances are you’ll feel like a bloated whale, and not only is it impossible for you get a good night’s sleep, neither can your partner (thanks to your snoring).

2. Don’t go too early

On the flip-side, you don’t want to be off on vacay when you’re in the early stages of your pregnancy either. Morning sickness can be full-on for some, so feeling like crap and being confined to a bed the whole time isn’t ideal. If you haven’t yet announced your baby news to family and friends, having your babymoon too early could feel a little premature. Around the six-month mark is usually your best bet: you should be feeling good and still be able to move around easily. 

couple on a babymoon  

3. Go somewhere warm

One of the pains of being pregnant in the cooler months is having to wear a lot of layers. Maternity clothes are big anyway, so to avoid having to pack warm, bulky items, opt for a sunny destination where you can kick back in a long dress and thongs (ideal for swollen feet).

4. Get a good room

You need all the beauty sleep you can get, expecting mama (especially if you already have other children at home). Do some research and find out if your room has a gigantic comfy bed, air-conditioning, so you can get the temperature just how you like it, room service or nearby all-night cafes for all those random cravings and a big bath to soak your preggy belly and tired feet in. When you check in, make sure your room isn’t next to any crazy party animals either. 

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5. Say no to adventure

Picking an exotic overseas location, where you might pick up a tummy bug or the Zika virus, that doesn’t have easy access to medical help if needed, is NOT a good idea. Neither is anything too dangerous like a war zone or a trip with a hectic schedule – you do not want to be stressed out on this trip. Unless you’re a professional athlete or something, active babymoons involving hikes and skydives are off the agenda too. And so is camping – sleeping on the floor … are you joking?

6. Great food

You obviously can’t booze but you have a free pass to go nuts at meal times (the safe types of food at least), Go somewhere with lots of awesome restaurants and cafes. Food is one of your biggest enjoyments right now so don’t skimp on it! Pre-book into some top-notch places before you go if you have the time.

couple watching sunset

7. Favourite activities

Other ways you’ll be getting your babymoon kicks (sorry) are things like massages and pedicures, perhaps looking at shops, swimming and reading. Make sure your destination allows for all of these, plus any other favourite activities that you or your partner may have.

8. Connect with your partner

And finally, don’t forget to ensure you actually spend some quality time with your partner. Babymoons are all about celebrating your little one who is on the way and the bond you share as a couple. Make sure you plan some intimate activities and avoid one of you being caught up in an individual activity too much (fishing anyone?). Even if it’s just some sunset mocktails, a romantic walk, or a couples massage; enjoy this relaxing time together before your newborn arrives. Trust us, you’ll need it!

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