Wheely cool: 7 fun toy car and train-themed activities for preschoolers

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If your preschooler or toddler is crazy for wheeled things and loves playing with trains and cars, then we’ve got lots of clever and easy ideas to take playtime to the next level.

These DIY activity ideas are perfect for busy little people, combining creativity and transportation with lots of colour and customisable fun.

1. Spelling with cars

The perfect activity for the little auto enthusiast in your family. Match letters on the cardboard box ‘car park’ to letters stuck to each little car. You can switch the letters out to help your child use other words too. Simple and effective!

2. DIY train track scenery

We love this idea from blogger, Picklebums who uses kid-designed scenery to fancy up a Brio train set and really bring it to life. Your child can customise to their heart’s delight to create something colourful and creative.

3. Craft a cardboard road

Turn a simple cardboard box into a whole other 3D world for your child’s cars with this simple DIY project from Non Toy Gifts. How cute are those rows of little trees?!

4. Whip up some cardboard car ramps

This easy-t0-craft activity from The Imagination Tree will provide hours of fun for your car-loving little one. Run toy cars down the ramps or switch things up by whooshing other small toys down these tracks.

5. Roll out some DIY roads

Some coloured masking or electrical tape can map out a whole city when carefully arranged on your floorboards or carpet. This is the perfect rainy day or ANY day activity, really!

6. Custom road tape for the win!


If you want to take things to the next level with that taped-on town, you could buy some of this custom road tape and add an extra note of realism.

7. Make a toddler express

What could be more fun for your toddler than driving their own train? Add some favourite toy passengers and you’ve crafted a delightful activity that will while away countless hours. 


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