Eureka! 7 fabulous science-themed activities to try with preschool kids

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Kids love finding out more about how things work and how life fits together. These simple activities play to those interests using simple household materials to create a bit of science-y magic.

7 fabulous science-themed activities to try with preschool kids

1. Make a rain gauge

Rain Gauge

We understandably talk a LOT about the rain in Australia, so why not loop your child into this chatter with their very own kid-made rain gauge? It’s super easy to make and helps kids to understand more about the importance of water conservation, too. Grab the how-to over at Sixth Bloom.

2. Flower sorting

We love this cute flower sorting idea. It sparks conversations about the different parts of blooms as well as colour, texture and shape. This project is by Clarissa at Play, Teach, Repeat.

3. Animal sorting

Feathers, fins or fur? This cute sorting activity encourages conversations about where animals live, what they like to eat, how they move and much more. It’s by Fun Learning for Kids

4. DIY butter

Make butter at home with this simple yet fun project which teaches little ones more about where our food comes from — and could start broader conversations about food. This activity is via Sixth Bloom.

5. Straw rockets

Get crafty and launch a straw rocket with your preschooler with a little bit of help from a paper straw! This fun activity includes a printable rocket template too. Find it at Buggy and Buddy.

5. Make a seed jar

This seed jar experiment shows as it grows and your preschooler will LOVE checking in on it every day. The how-to is over at Little Bins For Little Hands.

6. Fizzy colour play

This fun science activity will delight your preschooler (and probably you too!) Find the how-to at Happy Hooligans.

7. Pizza box solar system

A humble pizza box, some craft shop pompoms and glitter pens combine their powers to create this gorgeous solar system reconstruction. Grab the how-to at My Mundane and Ridiculous Life.

For even more science-y fun, check out these 12 other brilliant experiments and activities that are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!


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