16 funtastic things kids can do with playdough (besides just rolling it)

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The wonderful thing about playdough is that it is so versatile. With just a few extra bits and bobs, and a little bit of preparation, you can turn a ball of the soft squishy stuff into a wonderful game. We’ve gathered together a whole heap of awesome ideas, perfect for rainy days or heatwaves. And here’s our no-cook playdough recipe to get you started …

Loose parts play

1. Sea shell play

We love this easy idea to make sand-coloured play dough and then use seashells collected on the beach to make beautiful creations.

Photo: Mama Papa Bubba

2. Seed patterns

Just gather a range of grains, legumes and seeds, like poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, pepitas, popcorn, star anise, chickpeas, lentils or pine nuts and arrange in separate bowls or containers. Your child can press them into the flattened dough and make patterns.

3. Night sky play

Ooooh, how pretty is this sparkly playdough with a night sky theme? All you need is some dark coloured playdough, lots of glitter and sparkles, and some coloured rocks and stars. You could even add a toy rocket ship!

Night sky glitter playdough

Photo: News with Naylors

4. Nature stamps and patterns

Nuts and seed pods found in nature can make the most wonderful nature stamps. Using a light coloured, neutral playdough colour will accentuate the patterns.

Photo: Danya Banya

Imaginative play

 5. Let’s play dentists

This clever little use of pink playdough and some white beads is the perfect way to explain oral hygiene and get your little ones fascinated with brushing and flossing their teeth. It’s a win-win!

Photo: Fantastic fun and learning

6. Practice using our knife and fork

Use different coloured playdough to make a plate of yummy ‘food’ and let your child practice their table etiquette.

Photo: Here come the girls

7. Ice cream shop menu

Use a fun, free printable, like this one from Learn Create Love to give your little ones inspiration to become ice cream chefs! You could design your own cafe or dinner menu too.

Photo: Learn Create Love 

8. Plant some flowers

Using an egg carton, some playdough and either real or handmade flowers (paper daisies on straws) show your little one how to ‘plant a garden.’

Photo: Learning 4 Kids

Playdough printable mats

9. Alphabet mats

There are lots of free alphabet mats you can print off and laminate, so your preschooler can start learning her letters in a tactile way using playdough.

ABC playdough mats - toddler play idea

Photo: Kidz Activities

10. Number mats

Help your child learn their numbers by using laminated number mats to guide them.

Photo: Life over Cs

11. Number of petals on a flower

Use this hand drawn printable to create flowers of all shapes and colours.

Photo: Learn with play at home

12. Playdough people mats

Print out these people templates, and let your kids get creative with facial features, clothing and accessories.

Photo: Pickle Bums

Connecting and making

13. Playdough bugs

These cheeky little playdough bugs are hard to resist, and are the perfect way to get your bug-enthused kid involved in playdough creating.

Photo: Fun 4 frugal boys

 14. Fruit Loop towers

This is a great fine motor skill activity, that teaches your child to thread objects with small holes onto skewers stuck into playdough. You could use it to practice counting and simple addition and subtraction.

Photo: Mess for less

15. Building with straws

Using straws and playdough to connect the joints, you can make towers, buildings, bridges and all kinds of creative structures.

Photo: Artful Parent

16. Lego letters

Lego blocks double up as fantastic stamps that can be pressed into flattened playdough. You could make patterns, numbers or letters like this.

Lego letter playdough activity

Photo: The Chaos and the Clutter

So what are you waiting for? Get that batch of play dough whipped up, and start creating!


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