This rocking chair has an attached bassinet because designers are geniuses

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Let us point out from the get-go that this bassinet is not available in Australia. That said, we’re featuring it because it’s a brilliant idea and might catch the eye of a distributor.

Genius idea!

It goes without saying that local parents want to be able to snuggle up in a comfy chair with a good book, as they rock themselves and their baby into a feel good – and hopefully snoozy – state.

The Emerson Nursery Rocker by Karla Dubois features a rocker and bassinet combo which are securely and neatly attached to one another.

So clever, non?!

The idea is obviously that parents can relax in the chair and rock their child safely, in close proximity to their bub, but still be totally hands-free when they need to be. And when baby falls asleep? Parents can gently edge themselves off the chair and creep away quietly to read that book in bed. Keeping a close ear out for their little one, of course. Baby monitor engaged, too!

This innovative rocker is crafted from a soft, breathable mesh fabric in grey and the cradle can be detached from the chair when baby grows too big for it.

You simply attach the bassinet’s rocking leg to the chair and you’ve got a more streamlined and very stylish rocking chair.

Emerson Nursery RockerEmerson Nursery Rocker

A multi-tasking rocker

So what did new parents think of this multi-tasking piece of furniture? We scouted for some reviews and it seems this is a very popular piece of kit.

“Easy to assemble, looks great, feels great,” one happy camper noted.

“Perfect little addition,” another parent noted.

One other parent loved it but noted that the chair is not super comfy so you probably wouldn’t want to sit in it for ages. So that’s interesting to note. Maybe add a cushion and a blanket and you’d be good to go. And also move to the US. 🙂

The Emerson Nursery Rocker is currently retailing for around US$600.


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