Seven soothing photos of tidy fridges to calm your frazzled nerves

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If you’re feeling a little on edge, perhaps you’d like to know that sneaking a peek into other people’s tidy fridges is a brilliant remedy?!

Cool, calm, collected

Thankfully we don’t have to creep into strangers kitchens to cop a soothing dose, because Instagram is serving fridge goals on the reg! We sifted through the coolest pretty fridge hashtags on your behalf and glazed over a little, so relaxed did it make us.

Here’s a neatly organised introduction to the very calming world of tidy refrigerators … 

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?✨Got some prepped rainbow goodness for you this #freshfridgefriday ✨? . 1️⃣TOP SHELF (left to right): Pickled Onions (on the blog), No-Oil Beet Hummus (on the blog), Picked Red Cabbage (on the blog), blueberry chia jam, purple majesty potatoes (boiled and cut), blanched spinach, tahini-roasted snow peas & red peppers, no-oil sautéed mushrooms, overnight oats, Almond Chocolate Dip (on the blog), cashew parmesan, citnatro & green onion cashew dressing. A lot of these recipes are from my prepping ebook, I’ll have links up in my stories! . 2️⃣MIDDLE SHELF: Fresh-cut fruits: strawberries, oranges and pineapple. Un-Fried Rice (on the blog), No-Oil Thai Peanut Burgers (coming in the 2nd edition), Tahini-Lime Roasted Broccoli & Red Peppers and roasted beets. Fresh cilantro, fresh asparagus, cherries and blueberries! . 3️⃣BOTTOM SHELF: Fresh fruits (apples, oranges, nectarines), pre-washed baby greens (I eat 2 large salads daily—learn more on the blog), fresh veggies (beets, radishes, red cabbage, green onions, bell peppers)! . 4️⃣DRAWERS: raw seeds (hemp, peppitas, ground flax) and coca nibs (unsweetened). Tofu for days! Grapes and more purple majesty potatoes (these are uncooked—my reserves)! . My hubby and kiddos are not nutritarians like me, but they all enjoy fresh fruits and veggies daily! As the week progresses my fridge changes, things get eaten, school lunches go in and out, life happens. This is my fridge on it’s BEST behavior, this is not the norm! This is my very favorite time when I’ve finished prepping and I get to just look at everything in its filled-to-the-brim state! . ?I’ve shown you plenty of prepped fridges, are you interested in seeing how a prepped fridge changes throughout the week? Do you want to see my fridge on it’s worst behavior? What will inspire you most to take more time to prep for the week ahead? Let me know in the comments what you want to see more of! . xo, Kristen . #nutritarian #eattherainbow #fridge #fridgegoals #MakesMeWhole #wfpbno #52fridges #shelfie #plantpowered #f52organized #ImSoMartha #mealprepdaily #mealpreponfleek #bestofvegan #abmfoodie #foodprep #kitchenlife #forksoverknives #foods4thought

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1. A rainbow of crunch and pickle

(Above) Kristen from Hello Nutritarian shares her beautifully ordered fridge – and a guide to what’s in it – very regularly on her Instagram account. Honestly this photo makes us want to be tidier and healthier all at once. Other people felt similar and told Kristen so.

“At first, I was thinking that nobody’s refrigerator looks like this, but after I read your post, I feel inspired to do more of my own pre-prepping,” one commenter posted. “I eat a ton of veggies throughout the week, and it can take a while to chop!” 

2. Mixed up and wholesome

(Above) Instagrammer Jessie May shared her healthy fridge with followers, with foods packed in jars, glass containers and cotton bags. 

“Best looking fridge I’ve ever seen!!” one fridge fan posted in response. “Serious goals!” and we have to agree.

3. Appliance goals

(Above) It’s not just author Ellie Bullen’s neatly arranged and very healthy shelves we love. We’re pretty enamoured with her LG fridge, truth be told! (See more of it here.)

“What fridge dreams are made of!!!” one admirer posted.

“I love that this is also zero-waste. Not a plastic wrap or container in sight,” someone else enthused.

4. Colourful and convenient

(Above) While lots of #FridgeGoals fridges were loaded only with super healthy and unpackaged foods, we loved this colourful yoghurt and canned drink stocked delight for being relatable.

5. Stacked and stocked

(Above) This neatly stacked fridge goals example from William Sonoma shows the power of keeping foods contained. 

“Look at that turntable thing filled with all the sauces, wow,” one fridge fan marvelled and we have to agree. Find similar here and here. 

6. Snaps, jars and bins

(Above) A helpful combination of storage options keeps things fresh as a daisy for Instagram user The Brickie’s Wife. Lots of healthy biz in this fridge along with some ready-to-go snack ideas.  Those are glass lock clip containers, FYI.

“Do all your loose veggies in drawers go weird without being in plastic?” one follower asked.

“No never, unless I just haven’t used them and they’re ready for the bin,” was the response.

7. Baskets and buckets

(Above) A genius combination of buckets and baskets keeps this Turkish fridge tidy – and cute – as all heck. Those pastel buckets in the door look a titch tricky to pop in and out, but we appreciate the idea none the less.

We hope you feel much more chilled-out now, although we suspect you might be itching to tidy your fridge and shop for cute containers. 

See you in the storage aisle, kids! #sorrynotsorry

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