Rest easy anywhere, because teeny Nap Pillows are an actual thing

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Sleep-deprived parents will be breathing a sigh of relief at the brilliant news that the Nap Pillow has been invented and they no longer need to uncomfortably rest their weary heads on kitchen tables, bathroom cabinets or the dusty floor outside the nursery door.

Bedtime, all the time

We’ve all been there, just closing our eyes for a second and waking 7 minutes later with a squished face in a very small pond of our own exhausted drool. The Nap Pillow – by Casper – aims to revolutionise these cheeky snoozes, providing a cushy buddy to rest on if you happen to snatch a few minutes shut-eye.

“Now you can have the comfort of bedtime, all the time,” its makers say, and honestly it made us feel a little bit huffy because we realised we’ve been missing out on “bedtime, all the time” and didn’t realise it was a thing.

The (amazing and sanity-saving) Nap Pillow is a tick under $50 and is described as “squishy and supportive”. It comes in its very own special little drawstring bag – and both are fully washable (in case you are the drooling kind!)

Nap Pillow

Nap Pillow

Nap Pillow

Sign us up!

The Nap Pillow currently ships to the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. BUT DO NOT PANIC, tired local peeps – Casper is working hard to bring “bedtime, all the time” to Australia.

In the meantime, you can snaffle one by using a service like Australia Post’s ShopMate. ShopMate gives you a US shipping address and sends your parcel on to you – from that US address – to your actual home in Australia.

So really, you’ve got no excuse to be a total nap boss. You snooze, you win!

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Nap Pillow

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