Mum’s pantry hack sparks ‘bad parent’ accusations and ALSO lots of love

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So it turns out that a tidy pantry can divide the internet, especially if it comes with its own set of mum rules!

Don’t mess with Brenda

The Kmart Unhacks & Roasts group posted a photo on Facebook over the weekend and members did what they do best, they reeled off a bunch of witty, snarky and … downright admiring comments about the pantry in question!

“No one’s allowed to f*ck with Brenda’s #pantrygoals. She even has a sign up to reinforce her stand on the situation,” they captioned the photo of a very, very neat pantry which was governed by a set of rules. The rules are displayed on a letterboard and they go a little something like this:

“Pantry rules: 1. Don’t ask me where everything is cos I labelled every darn thing. 2. I spent two days organising this pantry. If you mess it up I will cut you. With much love, MUM.”

Now obviously this lady’s name is not really Brenda and she posted hoping to inspire others, not get roasted. But here we are and it’s happened. So let’s look at what people said.

No one’s allowed to fuck with Brenda’s #pantrygoals. She even has a sign up to reinforce her stand on the situation. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ Also #fuckingpineapple*This was sent to us by a Brenda fan. x

Posted by Kmart Unhacks & Roasts on Sunday, 7 April 2019

We vote no!

Some people were quite keen to find fault in this pantry and the mama’s rules:

“I’d never put a sign up like for my children to read. I don’t get why people think it’s funny,” one upset type wrote.

“They obviously just moved in,” another person posted. “What kind of family home has a pantry that has little to no food in it? Or did she spend too much at Kmart to then go … oh shit. I forgot the food.”

“The wines on the top shelf.” someone else pointed out. “Piss off those pineapples and get that wine down lower!”

“Tf does Brenda eat?” another follower wondered. “Storage containers?”

We vote yes!

But others went weak at the knees, marvelling at how tidy ‘Brenda’s’ kitchen is and taking this photo in the spirit it was intended.

“I’m actually not able to snark this,” one commenter posted. “It’s fckng pantry goals right there.”

“I saw the original post of this, why would someone submit this thinking it was bad!?” another fan wrote. “Her pantry and her kitchen were fucking gorgeous!! The person who submitted this is just jealous!”

“Everyone is asking where all the food is,” someone else pointed out. “Don’t you guys think maybe it’s in the containers lol? My partner is like this, full of baskets etc because I don’t like having lots of boxes etc of food in there. This looks amazing and I’m not even sure why it’s on a roast page, I think maybe admin need to find some better posts.”

“I wish Brenda would come and organise my pantry,” one commenter wrote.

Kmart hack pantry


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