This couple’s pastel pantry is so gorgeous we want to LIVE in it

Iryna Federico pastel pantry

Adelaide blogger Iryna Federico (who writes at From Great Beginnings) is pretty much the Willy Wonka of magical pantry makeovers and we bow down to her clever organisation and curation. 

Prepare to pantry

No matter that snarky types have labelled her “Martha Stewart on steroids” and “unicorn vomit Stepford Wife” after seeing her handiwork. Boring old haters are going to hate. Iryna’s pantry is 50 shades of pretty – and a joy most of us are delighted to behold. In fact, you probably want to front up on her doorstep and ask for a cup of sugar or three, just so you can experience the pastel extravaganza IRL.

Iryna and her husband have just built their first home, and the walk-in pantry was a way to indulge Iryna’s love of colour and a tidy life, while ensuring the lolly colours didn’t dominate the rest of their home.

Iryna says she spent heaps of time on Pinterest, looking at organisation ideas, and enlisted the help of family members (or their cupboards at least) as she made plans for the perfect pantry. It took around a year for the entire project to come together.

“I went and looked at my mum’s pantry, my mother-in-law’s pantry and took note of everything they kept in there, right down to the small stuff,” she told Stuff NZ.

A place for everything

Making a list

How do you even begin approaching this massive organisational task? Well, Iryna made lists of every item she would need to stow, and then embarked on a serious mission to gather the storage containers and products at the very best price, using rewards points, discount shopping and some cash to seal the deal.

A local builder fitted the shelving out, according to Iryna’s specifications, and she’s shared the plans and details on her blog. 

The containers were sourced from a whole bunch of retailers including Kmart, Target, Williams Sonoma, Ikea, CostCo, Wheel and Barrow and Harvey Norman (for those pretty Smeg appliances). You can find all the details on those here and here (including the cute labels!)

“In total, and at a very rough estimate, my pantry is worth $4372 however I only paid $2855 for it by utilising discounts, credit card points and gift cards which I received from doing surveys. Some of the contents are also gifts from my bridal shower and our wedding,” Iryna explains in a blog post detailing how she budgeted to make her pantry dreams come true.

Matching appliances and storage slots

Baking station

Ikea spice racks working overtime

Pretty pantries for everyone!

Iryna’s sharing her handiwork on her blog and Instagram, because she’s keen to inspire other budget-conscious DIY-ers to use their creativity to fancy things up.

“My favourite part was painting the $4 Ikea spice racks to store cookbooks on, it was one of the last things I did and it really brought the space together,” she told website Stuff.NZ, adding that a pretty pantry was within most people’s reach.

“I just didn’t want anyone to think it was one of those things that required a tonne of money because you can definitely do it on a budget, especially if you spread it out over a year like my lazy self haha.”

(For those who aren’t as much into Fruit Pastille colours as Iryna, you could execute this project in neutrals, instead, so don’t think this isn’t for you!)

So what do you think? Are you inspired by Iryna’s thorough, pretty and tidy approach? We are!

Thanks for sharing your project in such excellent detail, Iryna!

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