Mum shares ‘f*cket bucket’ cleaning hack and the internet applauds

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Mum and blogger Jessica McGinty has just shared a genius tidying-up hack with her Facebook followers, and its very quickly going viral as other families seek to get sorted too.

“F*cket if I’m cleaning it up”

Jessica runs the Facebook page Mishmash Moments and it’s her ‘fucket buckets’ that have got parents talking. Explaining their purpose in a thinly veiled “I’ve had it up to here” tone, Jessica says this hack declutters her house and promotes responsibility in her kids, too.

“Today I got the kids fucket buckets™️,” Jessica posted alongside an image of the colourful buckets lined up against a wall in her home. 

“If they leave it laying around, it goes in their bucket. If it’s still there at bedtime it goes in the bin because fucket if I’m cleaning it up.”

That’s when the internet broke into a deafening round of applause, as readers realised their struggle with kid clutter could possibly be over. Jess’s post quickly gained momentum with over thousands of reactions, comments and shares.

MishMash Moments blogger's "fucket buckets" kids cleaning hack

Sorted and secure

Jessica says that not only do the fucket buckets keep things more organised, but her children feel more sorted and secure too.

“We’re a blended family of five, nine and under – nine, seven, seven, six, and two,” Jessica told parenting site Scary Mommy. “It’s working well so far. I can wander around and pick up any missed things and drop them in the buckets and the kids love them, knowing exactly where things they’ve missed are.”

“This is a fabulous idea!”

Those 39,000+ comments were mostly from strung-out parents who were keen for their homes to stop resembling a gosh-darned bomb site.

“Kids would have toys left in no time,” one mum posted approvingly, tagging her husband.

“They’d be left with nothing,” another thrilled mum agreed.

“This is a fabulous idea! I am going to copy this one!” a delighted parent posted.

But others were already on to this, saying it worked like a treat.

“Had them for years,” one mum commented. “If they’re not emptied by bin night the contents get chucked. Amazing how they can be bothered to deal with it on a Thursday night!”

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