Khloe Kardashian shared her “Khlo-C-D” pantry and we feel inadequate

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We just stumbled across these shots of Khloe Kardashian’s amazingly organised kitchen and it’s fair to say our homes now feel 125 times messier!


To be fair, Khloe Kardashian has always been the most organised of this famous reality show star gang (closely followed by Kourtney). Khloe’s so celebrated for her sorting skills (or as she calls it Khlo-C-D) in fact, that Kris Jenner was beside herself in delight when Khloe recently offered to sort out her kitchen in a December ep of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Khloe and Kris Khloe and Kris

Not only is Khloe a total gun with the labelling machine, she has superpowers when it comes to rationalising and categorising common food stuff.

It’s not just the pantry that gets the magical Khloe touch, her Kondo-esque tidiness stretches to the fridge and the cocktail bar too. Granted not all of us have a special fridge just for Vodka that Diddy has gifted us, but we appreciate the inspiration and note this was a fantasy we never knew we needed.

Khloe Kardashian organisation

Khloe Kardashian organisationKhloe Kardashian organisationKhloe Kardashian organisationKhloe Kardashian organisation

All the packets, all the crunch

We feel that Khloe’s pantry might be the opposite of Kourtney’s. While Kourt limits her diet to organic and often gluten-free and dairy free goods, Khloe appears to wholeheartedly embrace colours, preservatives and anything that comes in a brightly coloured box. Sweet, salty or crunchy seems to be her must-snack mantra.

These images also reveal a love of baking, with many flours and chocolate chips and sugary confections at the ready to whip up into delicious Kardashian treats.

“I absolutely adore baking with my nieces and nephews,” Khloe said. “It’s super fun, and I love baking by myself, so what I like to do is have a cabinet to my baking essentials,” noting that the right containers are “awesome and they hold all the freshness in.”

Khloe’s containers are from a number of makers, including OXO, World Market, Amazon and Target. And those amazing cookie jars with the immaculately stacked treats you often see in the Kardashian homes? They’re from (US) Target too.

Kardashian cookie jars

Chillin’ with Khloe

The (regular, non-vodka filled fridge) is neatly organised with condiments in the door and a vending machine-worthy selection of drinks on the top shelf.

“You always put condiments and everything on the side of the door, because those are the items that normally won’t go bad so easily,” Khloe tells her readers.

In Khloe’s magical non-mouldy fridge there’s a container for everything and everything’s in its container. No old baked potato wrapped in tin foil here. Not a cling-film covered plate in sight. No wrinkly old mushroom floating in the crisper.

“There is a method to the madness when it comes to placing everything in your refrigerator,” Khloe says, revealing she has a special bacon keeper, for her turkey bacon.

Khloe Kardashian's tea collection

Tea and tipples

Khloe also shared a glimpse of her impressively stocked bar (which she does not drink from at the moment) and a very, very inspirational drawer filled with one million kinds of delicious tea.

“I like having all these different teas on hand for my guests. Whenever anyone comes over, they ask if I have tea and when I open the drawer, everyone’s like, ‘OMG amazing!’”

It honestly IS amazing and now we want a tea drawer too! In fact we want Khloe to come over and fix our kitchen sitch up because LOOK HOW GOOD AT IT SHE IS!


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