Give your little one a head start with these seven adorable piggy banks

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Encouraging financial literacy from the get-go is made a whole lot easier when piggy banks are made so cute you can’t help but put your money in them!

Save those pennies in the cutest way

We did a sweep of the internet and found some brilliant examples of piggy banks that not only encourage little ones to save their extra pennies, but they look super cute too.

These make the perfect new baby or first birthday gift … and who knows? They might even become the sort of heirloom your favourite kiddo passes on to their own children someday!

Experts tell us that the humble piggy bank can help kids make sense of simple financial concepts because they make savings much more tangible than money tucked away in a bank account. (And who hasn’t given a piggy bank a testy shake at one time or another in their life?!

Here’s seven ace places to start if you’re searching for the perfect piggy. Just be sure to keep the hammers well away ..!

Llama piggy bank and flamingo piggy bank

Llama and flamingo piggy banks from Anthropologie. They’ll set you back US$25 a pop.

Giraffe piggy bank

Giraffe piggy bank from Pottery Barn Kids. This cutie retails for $54.

Gator piggy bank

Mud Pie cute gator bank from Peters of Kensington. This cute guy is on sale for $31.

Anthropologie piggy bank

Charming Critter piggy bank from Anthropologie. These sweet and helpful fellas retail for US$38.

Unicorn piggy bank

Unicorn Piggy Bank from Anthropologie. Snap a sparkly savings buddy up for US$40.

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