The snazziest on-trend, educational play mats for babies

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If you’re kind of over baby toys that scream horrendous colours and wonky characters, then Freddy & Co are the breath of fresh air you – and your little one – deserve!

Looks AND learning

These brilliant play mats with a twist are double-sided – one side features a print that promises to educate and promote your baby’s development, AND the other side is a more decor-friendly print. You simply flip the mat over to switch the look – or purpose.

No more hiding your baby’s playthings; no more mats that commander the whole room with their shouty prints. Thank you Freddy & Co peeps!

Freddy and Co playmat Freddy and co playmat

Road Trip x Blue Geo Playmat – $180

By a mum, for mums

Freddy & Co-founder and mum, Amanda McKay says when she had her little boy (Freddy!) she realised that many products for babies subscribed to a sort of “the louder or better” ethos.

Amanda knew this didn’t have to be the case.

“Not long after Freddy was born we moved into our new home and realised that the bright, cartoonish colours of Freddy’s existing playmat and toys took over the space,” she explains.

“We wanted the home that we created to be nurturing and educational for Freddy while still representing us.”

Freddy and Co playmat Freddy and Co playmat

Australian Animal x Graphic Geometric Playmat – $180

Genius idea to reality

Not one to simply toss around an idea, Amanda took her concept from hunch to fruition.

“We worked closely with our Australian designer to come up with distinctive prints with each mat having an educational children’s side and a decor-friendly parent design,” Amanda said.

“Currently, we have three educational children’s designs, and you can choose your reverse side to suit your personal style. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to lose your identity.”

Freddy & Co playmats are generously sized  1.4m x 2.0m x 15mm) – and are tested to both European and US standards.

You can view the range here – and note that they have Afterpay if you’d like to spread the cost over a couple of months.

Freddy and Co playmat

Cosmic Unicorn x Watercolour Geo Playmat – $180


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